Prophet’s Pulpit-NYJ vs NYG Preview & Prediction (Landfill Bowl)

Landfill Bowl

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Week 10 brings the Landfill Bowl for New York with the matchup of the Jets vs. the Giants. Here we have 2 of the worst 6 teams in the league. The Jets are 1-7 while the Giants are 2-7. The Giants should be 1-8. Matt Gay of Tampa Bay missed a 34 yard chip shot PAT distance field goal vs. the Giants in week 3.They would have won 34-32 but lost to New York 32-31. The only other team that the Giants beat were the hapless Redskins. Keenum got hurt in that game and Washington put in Haskins for his first appearance. Obviously, he was not ready for the bright lights of NFL play yet and made victory easy for the Gmen. 

In this matchup you have the Jets who have scored the least amount of points in the league at 96 vs. the Giants who have given up 255 points this year to the opposition. The only team that has given up more points has been the Miami Dolphins at 1 point more at 256. However, they gave up half those points, 133, in the first 3 weeks. The Jets have only 16 plays of 20 yards or more. The Giants on the other hand have given up 46 plays of 20 yards or more. 11 of those plays have gone for 40 yards or more including 2 last week vs. the Cowboys. The Jets red zone defense is very bad allowing touchdowns to the opposition 65.4% of the time in the red zone which ranks 29th

In Sunday’s game something has to give with a very bad offense going against a very bad defense. The Giants are facing a number of injuries on offense. Shepard is out again and is very close to being put on IR. Engram is also out, which is a big blow. This is his second game he has missed as he missed the Patriots game. There is a big drop off to Rhett Ellison. 

The offensive line is missing Halapio at center and Remmers at RT is doubtful. I have been saying every year that the Giants will lose 3 offensive lineman for at least 5 games every year. The question then is do they have the OL depth. The Giants have been very lucky this year, and had the starting five for all 9 games. Pulley will take over for Halapio and Nick Gates replaces Remmers. That is a big liability and will have impact for the Giants in the running game and pass protection. He has a nice record at Nebraska but now he gets his first start in the big time. 

When the Giants have the ball: They will want to get the pass game going even though they are under manned. It is Jones’ chance to go back to “Danny Dimes” like he was vs. Detroit     instead of “Danny Dime a Dozen” like he was last week vs. the Cowboys. They should use Barkley more as a pass target than a runner. He has had 18 targets the past 2 weeks. However, you still have to hand him the ball for a number of plays to keep the Jets honest. The Giants are terrible when they have to be a one dimensional passing team. The Jets are the number six defense vs. the run only giving up 89 yards/game with a 3.1 yards/carry. These are strong stats. Slayton moves up for the Giants as the number two wide receiver target behind Tate. Latimer and Fowler will have to also pitch in with a few catches each. Latimer had a great return game last week with 181 yards on kickoff returns. 

When The Jets have the ball: They will want to run LeVeon Bell. Bell has not been able to reproduce his top of the league scrimmage yards that were perennial with the Steelers. Bell only has 52 yards a game with a 3.3 yards/carry average this year. The early year situation with Falk at quarterback has not helped. The Giants get well defense gave up 172 yards rushing last week vs. Dallas. The lead rusher, Elliott, had 139 yards of that total. The Jets will be looking to do the same. The run game can take a lot of pressure off Darnold. The Jets need to use him in conjunction with Crowder. Crowder gets a beatable match up in the slot vs. the Giants rookie DB, Corey Ballentine. Jets head coach Gase should use Bell and Crowder to get some long drives. Then he can have Darnold take shots to Robbie Anderson. The Jets are also unleashing Herndon at TE. He was suspended 4 games and missed the rest due to health problems. He was a competent tight end last year and could be a wild card in this game. 

Darnold and Barkley will be forever linked together as Barkley was the 2nd pick and Darnold was the 3rd pick of the 2018 draft. I don’t think we have seen a fair shot with Darnold. He had a bad team around him last year. This year he has a poor offensive line. He missed 3 games with mono. He does not a have a true #1 X receiver. Anderson is a #2 receiver. Anderson is ranked 66th right now in receiving yards. He also suffered from 3 weeks of Falk at QB. Gase does not know how to use Darnold. He has him throwing long passes vs. the Patriots who threw exotic looks vs. Darnold and zero coverage. They had him seeing “ghosts”. Gase should have had him throwing short passes to Bell, Crowder and the tight ends. In my opinion, poor strategy by Gase. It is my belief, Gase may be a one year coach for Gang Green. On the contrary, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Jets will be patient with Gase. Well we shall see. Anyway, I think Darnold if managed correctly can replicate the Dallas game, which was their only win. Darnold threw for 338 yards vs. a good defense on 23 completions out of 32 passes with 2 TD’s and 1 interception. 

In the final note, The Giants are 5-1 in their last 6 games against the Jets. Leonard Williams makes his debut against his old team. In his Giant debut last week, he had 3 tackles and a quarterback hit. I don’t think he is as good as Gettleman does. He has had an underperforming career since he entered the league in 2015, save one Pro Bowl visit in 2016. That’s why the Jets were willing to part ways with him. 

So getting to the pick. I think this is a close game between two bad teams. I am calling this one Giants 23 and the Jets 21. Somehow they find a way with to score a few more points than the Jets. It will be a long 2 weeks for the Giants and their management and coaches if they lose. They have the bye next week, and the New York Tabloids will have a field day with them.

Speaking of commentary, Look for my Prophet’s Pulpit every week pre game, and the Prophet’s Point After following the game every week. 

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