Prophet’s Pulpit-Point After-Cowboys vs NYG

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I retired last Friday so now that I have more time. Glenn asked me to separate the Prophet’s Pulpit. So I am doing Prophet’s Point After postgame report and the Pulpit will become a true preview.

The Giants game vs. the Cowboys was another disgrace. This was a game that they had multiple chances to win vs. a Dallas team that had a slow start coming off their bye. The Giants got a gift on the first play with a Dak interception by Bethea at the 15 yard line. He ran it back to the 8 yard line. First down was a Barkley run up the middle for 4 yards. The 2nd down was a Barkley run to the left for 1 yard. Now everybody in the free world knows that the next play is going to be a pass. It was an incomplete pass to Ellison. Then they kick the chip shot field goal. I said right then with less than 2 minutes elapsed that the Giants are going to lose this game!

I like coaches that take a shot at the end zone on first down after a turnover especially in this case you would be facing a base-defense. Certainly on second down, you had to throw there. But no Shurmer throws on 3rd down in a McAdoo predictable play and it was incomplete. The Giants had 5 trips to the red zone and the scoring plays happened from the 11 yard line or closer. So the Giants had 4 chip shot field goals and the one 1 yard touchdown throw to Latimer. The usually reliable Rosas missed the extra point on the touchdown.

The number one thing that I said the Giants had to do to win in my Pulpit was stop the Dallas running game and they could not do that. The Cowboys had 172 yards rushing and Zeke had 139 yards on 23 carries for a healthy 6 yards/carry. The Giants secondary gave up 2 passing plays over 40 yards. Both were for touchdowns, 45 yards to Cooper and 42 yards to Jarwin. That makes 11 plays over 40 yards this year and that is not even counting the plays over 30 yards. Bettcher cannot adjust the defense from giving up plays over the middle and over the top. This was another key to the game that was not met.

Danny Dimes looked more like “Danny Dime a Dozen” in this game. He was not facing the worst pass defense, the Detroit Lions, this week. He continues to be a turnover machine. He had TWO fumbles and an interception in this game. These turnovers accounted for 13 Dallas points. The Giants cannot win if he keeps giving the ball up. Jones has 11 touchdowns, 8 interceptions, and 9 fumbles in 7 games. He does not have any pocket presence yet and he holds on to the ball too long. He has been sacked 26 times in 7 games and 5 times last night. The Giants offensive line is regressing, especially the 2 tackles, the overpaid Solder, and Remmers who were constantly getting beat last night.

The Giants were a 1 dimensional team last night. The regressing offensive line could not do anything against the Cowboys’ front seven. The Giants had 3rd & 11, 4th & 11, 3rd & 14, 3rd & 8, 3rd & 10, 3rd & 7, 3rd & 10, 4th & 10, 3rd & 21 and 3rd & 13. You cannot be in this position and be successful. The Giants invited the Dallas pass rush to go and get after Jones all night. Third down efficiency fell back to 31% this week. Conversely, the Giants had 0 sacks. Jones was the leading rusher on the team with 54 yards because many times he saw nothing open and he took off. He is going to take a hit that will knock him out of the game. The pass rush is certainly getting him to make decisions faster and some of those have disastrous results.

This team continues to make mistakes. We are not seeing the adjustments on either side of the ball. Shurmer talks about making changes on every press conference and the next week, the same bad play happens over and over. It is bad coaching! The Giants had 3 penalties on 3rd downs in the fourth quarter. Two of them were committed by Baker who was getting beat all night. Gettleman jumped back in to the bottom of the first round to draft Baker at spot 30 in this year’s draft. I would have drafted an offensive lineman there. Taylor, Little, and Ford were still on the board. Taylor was mocked as going to Jacksonville at 7. So there was some good value there and this team has no OL depth and they could use some for the rest of the year. So far Baker is looking like a bust. Shurmer challenged a pass interference call. Everyone knows by now that this is futile. Al Riveron on Park Avenue refuses to overturn any of his zebras even though it was textbook interference. He wasted a time out that they could have used later. The new rule is a joke and it is clear that Park Avenue did not want it so they are making a mockery of it so it will go away next year.

In a bizarre moment, a black cat ran onto the field at 5:53 of the second quarter. The game was suspended. There were rumors that Jerry Jones made a deal with the devil because in the last 2:50 of the second quarter, the Cowboys scored 10 points to take the lead and change the momentum of the game for good. 

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