Monday Morning Giants-Lions 31 NYG 26

Written by: Paul Burke

I live in metro Detroit.  Every Sunday in the fall Lions games are on the television in our household. Although I am not from the Motor City, my wife is an ardent Lions fan. Fortunately, I brainwashed one of my kids to become a Giants fan. It is my opinion, without question, the Lions along with Cleveland are the worst NFL franchises. Needless to say, witnessing hundreds of Lions games, they seem to keep any opposing team in a game.  Today, it wasn’t any different.

The Lions are one of the worst defensive teams statistically.  They play a serious balling style of bend but don’t break.  Again look at their statistics. BUT, DJ, not Danny Dimes, showed us, again, why there is a silver lining.  He did not start out very well, but quickly adjusted.  He showed signs of not trying to fit the ball into a tight window and throwing it away when it wasn’t there.  He extends plays; so we aren’t used to the amount of time before he throws it away. We are also encouraged as he is faced with adversity from not just opponents but from his own sideline.  You have a turnstile LT in Nate Solder who we wish to re-name, Nate” Drive Killer” Solder.  The last 2 drives Solder had a huge hand in killing. They are also not helped by their Neanderthal head coach Pat “Schmucky” Shurmur who calls with crayons.  How many freaking 1st downs, much less calls at goal line, do we see 9 in box and this Neanderthal calls a run up middle with Barkley?  What are you smoking?  What is the net yardage, 1.1? When are you going to figure out how to utilize this freak, that a mass majority of humans can’t tackle?  Alone, this is pure evidence of  fireable offense.  Thanks to the clowns who hired him, Mara and Dave “Check the Resume” Gettleman.
On to the defense.  We won’t beat a dead horse but we were surprised Lions OC Bevall didn’t attack more with TE’s based on level of success. The soft belly of the Giants defense is the middle of the field. As we keep pointing out, the Giants linebacker unit is a joke. Meanwhile, cornerback Baker has major warts.  Through eight games, he continues to make poor decisions.   Take for example the Golliday touchdown. Baker was in great position to make a play on the ball to knock it out. But, he did not. Another example, he he bit sooo badly on flea flicker.  All season we have seen him take bad angles to a ball carrier.  They spent a high pick on him.  This has to be cleaned up. 
Hmmm………, what are we looking for in future?  Let’s not address what we dream for, speaking to Mara and his organization, but to positional needs.  LT IS THE MUST GLARING NEED!  We find it laughable that local media is throwing out Solder as trade bait.  Who the F would take him?  ILB speed is close first, FS and yet more OL.  
We try to be as optimistic as we can but we are realists.  Another loss. Four in a row and counting. An overall record of 2-6. This regime has an overall record of 7-17. Winning while Rebuilding? Bullbleep. Gettleman. Lots of holes to fill. However. will Gettleman and Shurmur be around long enough to get this corrected?

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