Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Lions Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants game vs the Cardinals last week was a disgrace. The Giants were playing one of the few beatable opponents on their schedule. They had 10 days rest from their last game. They were playing a Cardinals team that had to travel to the East Coast for a 10am PST game. The Cardinals were the 30th ranked defense giving up 414 yards/game. Before the late tailgaters got to their seats at MetLife Stadium, the Giants were down 14-0! The backup rookie running back, Chase Edmonds was running through the Gmen like a hot knife through butter. He scored those first 2 touchdowns from 20 yards out and had 3 for the day with 126 yards. He scored on the same type play all 3 times, and the Gmen couldn’t stop it. This allowed the Cardinals to take the ball out of Murray’s hands. He only threw for 104 yards on 21 attempts. 

The Giants once again is a get well team for opponents. The Cardinals were giving up 28 points/game, and a quarterback rating of over 100 to all opposing QB’s. They did not have an interception, and they only had 14 sacks in 6 games. Well in this game, they got their interception, they got 8 sacks, and forced 3 fumbles from Daniel Jones, and recovered 2. The offensive line looked like the Jerry Reach, Ereck Flowers lines. Solder is getting beat like a drum. There are trade rumors about trading him. This would be catastrophic! They have no one on the roster to replace him and they still owe him nearly $40M over the next 2 years. 

To paraphrase Dennis Green again, “Daniel Jones is who we thought he was!” After his first perfect storm game, he looked like “The Messiah” had showed up to take the Giants to The Promised Land! But not so fast, other teams now have him on tape, and his inexperience is showing through. Jones has 6 fumbles, 7 interceptions and only 6 touchdowns in the 5 games he has played. The Giants lead the NFL in turnovers thanks to Jones with 18. David Gettleman who was saying after week 3, screw you America, I picked Jones 6th and I’m right. In the battle of The Prophet vs. David Gettleman over the 6th draft pick, it’s looking that I was right saying it was a big reach. Time will tell, but with the 6th pick I want Marino, Luck, Montana, Peyton Manning, etc. By the way, DE Josh Allen, who the Giants should have picked at number 6 is on the Jaguars and is having a strong rookie campaign with 5 sacks in 7 games and a bunch of tackles for loss.  

Pat Shurmur should be fired! He is not head coach material. He sucked at the Browns and he sucks here. He makes so many basic coaching mistakes. The most egregious was at the end of the game. With 3:13 left in the game, the Giants have a 3rd and 18 at their own 30 yard line. He calls what everybody in the free world expects at that point a draw or a screen. He calls the draw for 3 yards making it 4 & 15 at his own 33. In the press conference, he said he intended to go for it on 4th down. How the hell do you not pass on 3rd down to get at least half the 18 yards? The Giants have 2 timeouts and the two minute waring. They were only down 3 at that point. You have to punt! If you don’t make it and the Cardinals score a touchdown with a short field the game is over. If they kick a field goal as what happened, now you have to score a touchdown. On the kickoff after the made Arizona field goal, he has Slayton run the ball out of the end zone for a 13 yard return to the 12 yard line. He lost 11 seconds and 13 yards of field position. You have Slayton take a knee and get the ball at the 25 yard line. This is beyond stupidity and I would expect a high school coach to know this. Shurmur said he was fine with Slayton running the ball out! Shurmer is brain dead and a joke of a coach! He has no concept of Football 101 basics!

Turning to this week’s game, the Lions finally get an easier matchup up after losing 3 games in a row to tough teams; Chiefs, Packers and Vikings, and we all know the Packers game was stolen from them by the refs. Stafford is licking his chops to throw against the Giants 28th ranked defense. It should be a big day for Golliday and Jones. Also the way Edmonds ran the ball vs the Gmen last week, the Lions will want to get their replacement back, Ty Johnson running vs the Swiss cheese run defense of the of the Giants. I can see some runs to set up the pass game for the Lions. Stafford will be looking to throw for over 300 yards .If the Giants can’t pressure him, he will pick them apart. 

When the Giants have the ball, with Snacks Harrison hurting they will want to establish the run first. Jones is more effective off play action. The Lions also have a very poor defense ranked 31st giving up 429 yards a game. Strong cornerback, Darius Slay is out. So there is opportunity for Tate, in his revenge game, and Engram to be big performers with Latimer, Fowler, Ellison, catching a few balls each to help out. The offensive line has to protect better and Jones cannot keep giving away the ball like he does with 13 turnovers in 5 games! 

This game looks like a shootout. The Giants always play better on the road the past few years. Teams that get beat badly the previous week usually bounce back and play better. The Lions have a good front 7, and should be able to exert some pressure on Jones. Conversely, the Lions always play better at home. I just don’t trust Shurmur to outcoach Patricia. I think Stafford will have time to throw. The Giants are giving up 6.3 yards/play to opposing teams. Bettcher also needs to go with Shurmer. He does not make enough adjustments within game. For all these reasons the Lion will win. The pathetic Giants, unless something drastically turns around can only beat Miami and Washington left on the schedule. Remember that they should be 1-6. Gay in the Tamp Bay game missed a chip shot field goal that should have given them the game. 

With 2 bad defenses, this game goes over. I am calling it Detroit 33 and the Giants 24. 

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