Monday Morning Giants- A Giant Dump! ARZ 27 NYG 21

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

Daniel Jones accuracy is a positive takeaway.

Where are we going with this team and organization? Another depressing loss to the Cardinals on Sunday, the Giants THIRD loss in a row, drops their overall record to 2-5. The hope and euphoria around Daniel Jones has waned. Despite putting up meager numbers, (233 yards passing, 1 TD and 1 INT, 3 fumbles and TWO lost) , under the circumstances, he played fairly well. Jones plays the game with aplomb. Yes, he holds onto the ball too long. This is engendering the fumbles. We have to focus on him learning the speed of the game. It is the mental side and experience is what is lacking.

This is a team game. We have to turn our focus back to the decision makers. Since 2018, we were sold a bunch of crap about a quest for another Super Bowl with Eli and drafting a positional player #2 overall.  Mr. Hog Mollie was going to work his magic and restructure the offensive line by DRAFTING ONE Guard in round #2, signing a cast off from the Pats Solder which equates to Belichick has no value in him anymore. Then signing a FA in Omameh who lasted 3 weeks? Then moving Reese’s trash to RT. How did that work out with your new coach?

This year we draft a QB in round #1, yet we retain our veteran QB for $20 million + per year. We round out the top of the draft with a DT in round #1 as well and a CB. We go out and trade OBJ and as part of the trade we net a guard controllable for 2 more years in Zeitler.
Our heads are spinning. Are we going for it but yet are we rebuilding? You draft a positional player at #2 and patch the OL then the next year you draft a QB in first round but again patch OL with a veteran plus Remmers. This is so half ass. So contradictory to logic.
We love Barkley with his professionalism and passion for winning but RBs are not the recipe for winning in today’s NFL. The rules are designed for the passing game in the NFL. From protecting the QB to contact in secondary. Everything is predicated on the passing game and QB. We grant that Barkley is being utilized questionably by Schmucky Shurmur but an offense must center around a QB and leveraging QB play.
On Sunday, versus one of the lower rated defenses in the NFL, the Giants OL gave up EIGHT sack plus numerous hits. Yes, as mentioned earlier, Jones held on to the ball too long on some plays. And his bonehead head coach Schmucky Shurmur dialed up moronic calls, but that is not how to develop a rookie QB. As we were watching, we also got the sense that Jones was coached to hang in the pocket more than previous games. Why? Use his legs to extend plays. Gettleman has to be raked over the coals on his OL plan given “his trust me; I have a plan”. He stated you win with big people. His hog mollie drivel is BS.
On the defensive side of the ball. Wow, a guy from Fordham University gashes them for 126 yards and has 30+ touches. They’re number #1 RB was sidelined. How did this happen? Speed. We have written all year that this D lacks speed and it is killing them. AZ attacked the perimeter of the the D all game with sweeps, options, or quick outs. They also attacked the middle intermediate. Mr. Hog Mollie ripped the D’s performance for their record last year. This lack of speed in the middle of the field with LBs and FS is on him. They are grateful it wasn’t a 40+ bludgeoning as AZ’s 10 penalties and many at dumbest times stalled drives. Don’t forget Murray’s rookie mistake in extending a play in his own territory that resulted in a sack and eventual blocked punt by a spectacular play by Thomas.

Finally, we have lost patience with Shurmur as a play caller/HC. AZ spread the field and used speed to attack the Gmen D. They masked their weakness as both WR Kirk and RB Johnson were both out. Shurmur is steeped in his pro style offensive sets and will not make adjustments to D as well as his personnel. AZ blows in covering TEs. Yes Engram dropped 2 big plays but the touches of any TE were limited. Heck, Ellison had a big TD. Where are the screens to Barkley, Engram, and even Tate? Not one screen. Shurmur’s record is what he is 7-16. And that doesn’t include his record as a HC with Browns. ( 9-23)
John Mara must step away and seek consulting. How can you keep a straight face and gouge your fans? In their last 20 home games, the Giants have a record of 5-15. If you are a Giants fan spending money to go to these games, it is a total waste of time and money. John Mara need to have what your Dad was given when Rozelle intervened to hire Young. You’re antiquated culture is drowning this franchise.

Other Observations:

The Giants rushed Barkley back. He was not at 100 percent. Our thoughts are the Giants’ brass knew they needed to win this game. A 2-4 record, the Giants were one game behind division co-leaders Dallas and Philadelphia. A win would have put them tied for second place at 3-4 with the loser of tonight’s game between the Eagles and Cowboys. Let us hope rushing Barkley back does not affect his play for the remainder of the season.

What is in between Shurmur’s ears?

The mook continues to challenge PI calls. Memo to Schmucky Shurmur: Unless your player is tackled, do not waste anymore challenges on PI calls.

Giants have to make some changes this week. Our hope is Shurmur relinquishes play calling. It is time for him to let OC Mike Shula call the plays.

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