Bills 28 NYG 14-Giants Stink Up MetLife Stadium

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Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

Home field advantage? The Giants do not have an advantage at home. After yet another ugly loss at home, losing to the Bills, the Giants stunk it up and, fall to 0-2 on the season. Over the last two plus seasons, the Giants have a record of 4-13 in the dull, drab, and gray confines located in northern New Jersey.

Speaking of stinking things up, in the offseason, prominent NBC football reporter Peter King characterized the Giants as “having a dark cloud” around them. The takeaway: whatever the Giants brass do to ameliorate their wretched mess, it does not seem to get better. In fact we asked King on Twitter about the Giants which we have coined a franchise in crisis.

Like last week, the Giants offense got off to a fast start. With 5 running plays, culminating with All-World Barkley’s 27 yard scamper, the Giants took a 7-0 lead. Then, the suspect Giants defense stopped the Bills on their first possession- a 3 and out. Subsequently, on the Giants next possession, Barkley gained 5 yards on first down. Then, inexplicably, Giants head coach Pat Shurmur removed him from the game. The Giants went three and out. We believe this was the turning point of the game. Because the Bills scored 21 unanswered points. What is going on with Shurmur? Why did Barkley leave the game?

The past 7 years we’ve heard about execution, play better as a team, practice better, I need to do a better job, tighten things up, execute our assignments…….on and on.  Here’s a novel approach, start playing better.  Own that you are not a good team.  Own that you lack talent and flawless execution isn’t going to help you in W column.  Eli is lead spokesperson (insert tweet)
Let us bash Eli more.  He’s 116-116 in regular season.  He’s a HOF candidate? No, he is not a HOF candidate.   We love Eli.  He brought us 2 Super Bowls, but please walk away in grace. Please, we want to remember you for the glory not the gory.
Saquon is on an island.  He was shipped out and isolated.  At one point in game he accounted for 55+ percentage of yards for Giants before Bills clamped down.  Their secondary was signed for Engram from sidelines all game and stacked box.  The safeties and CBs were communicated from Bills sideline on were Engram was positioned.  Great game planning by Bills as he was the only WR threat.  
Shout out to Tony as I thought it would be a toss up.  You nailed it.
We are sooooooo tired of losing.  Really tired of losing.  Please help us and Saquon from our island!