Prophet’s Pulpit-Bills vs NYG Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Giants looking for their first win of 2019

Dave Gettleman’s arrogance by ignoring to create a pass rush in the off season has bit the Giants in the butt! They could not get to Zak last week and he had a field day carving up a Giants defense that looks worse than last year! I’m talking about the defense that was without Snacks Harrison and Eli Apple. I don’t know how that is possible. The defense is very young. The DB’s are also young. First round pick Baker got burnt for a TD and Bethea looks like a slow 14 year veteran. He may have hit the wall and not being able to catch up. 

That’s why I was screaming that they had to draft supreme edge rusher, Josh Allen, who fell right into their lap on draft night, April 25th. But no Gettleman had to draft Eli Light with the 6th pick. Read my preseason manifesto at where I outline with 11 more picks they could have grabbed Allen and Jones. As it is turning out, the Giants can get Herbert or Fromm early in the 2020 draft because they are going to be at the top again. Both are superior to Jones. However, Gettleman won’t pull an Arizona and draft another QB in the first round.  But he should. Please listen to Professor Cade Massey on the Football Analytics Podcast.

Dak was 25 of 32 for 405 yards and 4 touchdowns with no interceptions. Dak should send Gettleman a nice gift for increasing his new contract $5million a year off this performance. Dak is a good quarterback but he is not even a top 12 QB in this league to get $35M+/year. He had 380 and 4 TD’s after the 3rd quarter. The Cowboys called of the dogs in the 4th quarter and they could have scored another 2 TD’s. Yes perennial Giant Killer, TE Witten, did have a touchdown. It was his 16th career TD against the Giants in 32 games. 

The most promising factor in this game is that the long beleaguered Giants’ offensive line performed well. They gave up only one sack to a good Dallas pass rush. Eli had a good day by the numbers: 30/44, 68% completions, 1 TD, 0 Interceptions, 7.0 YPA. Engram had a career day, with 11/14, 116 yards and a touchdown. However, the big problem was that Shurmer and Shula did not get Barkley involved enough in the game. In the first game last year Barkley had 14 catches. Barkley has to have over 20 touches and more like 25+ in this game for the Giants to win. Barkley had 10.9 yards a carry, bolstered by a 59 yard run very early in the game. Shurmer, who I think is in the deep end of the pool without a snorkel, has called some really bad games since he’s been in New York. Barkley only had 15 touches in the game. It was exacerbated when the Giants were 1st and 10 on the Dallas 16 with 7:28 left in the 3rd. The Giants could have cut the margin to 11. On 3rd and 2 at the 8 with 6:38 left in the 3rd quarter, Shurmur calls a rush to Penny for1 yard, and then on 4th and1 from the 7, he has immobile, old man, Eli roll out. Are you kidding me???? You have the thoroughbred in Barkley. If he cannot make 2 yards on 2 downs with Barkley, this team has colossal problems! How about you get him in space on 3rd down and run on 4th. They should have gotten him in space the entire game as it is difficult to run against the Dallas front. I have never been impressed with Shurmur’s play calling, and he ensures they lose the many games that they do. Speaking of losing, the Giants are 8-25 in the last 33 games. This year I can’t see the Giants winning over 5 games. The great Bill Parcells says, “You are what your record says you are.” 

Turning to this week’s game, the Bills come to the Meadowlands for the second week in a row. The Bills had a miracle comeback last week against the Jets after they turned the ball over 4 times. It also helped that the Jets kicker left 7 points on the field. That is going to be the way the Giants can win this game. The whole key to the Giants is if they can win the turnover battle and keep Allen in the pocket. The Giants got shredded last week in the pass game and look for Buffalo to throw to Brown who was 7/10 for 123 and a touchdown. Beasley had the next most targets at 9. Rookie running back Singletary established himself as the lead back with over 100 yards running and receiving. Allen is a double threat. He can beat you with his legs especially when he gets outside the pocket. I don’t know what adjustments the Giants can make on defense when all these inexperienced players need time to get better. Dallas has given teams the blueprint to beat the Giants. Bettcher has to have a scheme to contain the edge and keep Allen in the pocket. Even if they are successful, without a pass rush, the Giants have no chance in this game. 

When the Giants have the ball, I think Shurmer got the message to play Barkley more. I would like him to touch the ball at least 25 times. Tate is still suspended, Sheppard has a concussion, which makes Latimer the lead receiver. If he has to face TreDavious White, he won’t have many catches. If I am the Bills, I stack the box on 1st and 2nd down. I double cover Engram because besides Barkley he is the only other threat. I make sure a safety and a linebacker are on him. The Bills want to get a lead so Barkley becomes less of a weapon as the game wears on. That is what Dallas did last week. 

The Giants have not played well at home lately. The last 2 years they are 4-12 at home. They are undermanned at the receiver position and face a very strong defense in the Bills. I can’t see how the Bills won’t take advantage of the Giants poor secondary play and with no pass rush, I can seeing them being in control all day. The Bills are #3 in defense this year after 1 game and they were #2 in yards given up for the entire 2018 season. When the schedule came out in April, I very quickly chalked this up as a win. After one game, you cannot say that. I am calling this Buffalo 27 and the Giants 16. 

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