Monday Morning Giants- Dallas 35 NYG 10

Super Barkley

Written by: Glenn Warciski and Paul Burke

Ugh! The more things change with the Giants team the more they remain the same. The arch rival Dallas Cowboys mauled the Giants 35-10. We are not counting the garbage touchdown scored by the Giants late in the game. Another Sunday and yet again another Giants loss. Chew on this Giants fans. 4 losses in a row dating back to last year. Going back to 2012, 47-67 overall record and 16-27 record in the NFC East. This is a franchise in crisis! To make matters worse, this 2019 Giants team, clearly overmatched, could not stay toe to toe with a much better Cowboys team. With so much optimism entering this season and a proclamation made by Giants GM Dave Gettleman, “Check the Resume” and “Trust Me”- blew up like an imprecation in his face. Albeit, we are not surprised, because if you read our prediction post; well, we think this is a 5 win team. We were surprised they played this poorly on offense and defense.

For a short glimpse, the Giants offense got off a fast start, scoring a touchdown and taking a 7-0 lead; however, this was ephemeral. Subsequently, with three more possessions in the first half, the Giants offense stalled resulting in PUNT, PUNT, and Turnover on Downs. As much as the defense played poorly, the offense played poorly too. We are aware of the excuses: Well the defense could not stop the Cowboys. The Cowboys had the ball the entire second quarter. Yes, there is truth to this. One has to credit new Dallas offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. He devised an outstanding game plan. More importantly, the Giants supposedly have an offensive guru in Pat Shurmur. In addition, they have an improved offensive line. Oh by the way, the Giants have 21st Century version of Jim Brown- All World Barkley. How come the Giants scored 7 points in the first half?

This is the question the Giants have to answer. Unfortunately, the Giants’ brass fail to see the obvious. The Giants offense continues to struggle because of Eli Manning. As we have stated time and again, this is a quarterback driven league. The media covering the Giants will pound and pound away at the defense being the major culprit. This is lazy analysis. Not here on the NYGunderground. Our issue is the following: the top tier quarterbacks carry their respective teams on their backs. How many times over the last 7 years has Eli Manning done this? Once they remove him from the equation, the Giants will begin to improve. (Eli total quarterback rating: 22.4.). Case Closed.

As for the defense, yes they did not play well. Looking at the game stats, FIVE of the top six tacklers are defensive backs. This is a tell. The defensive line did not do their job. Meaning keeping the linebackers clean. We did expect them to go thru growing pains. They will get better as the season moves along.

Positives: Barkley and Engram on offense.

Negatives: Eli Manning and the defense.

Next game vs the Bills is crucial. The Giants cannot go 0-2.

One thought on “Monday Morning Giants- Dallas 35 NYG 10

  1. Adrian Burke September 9, 2019 / 12:01 pm

    the play calling was awful


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