Greatest Reach in Giants History-Daniel Jones is a Giant

Written by: Paul Burke

Before getting into the titanic stupidity let’s start with the gaudiness of what the NFL draft has become.  I know I am old but I do recall the draft being held at the NYC Sheraton Hotel in a large conference room and then Ballroom.  A bunch of tables name cards and phones that was it.  It has evolved into the most ridiculous spectacle scripted from the Oscar Awards.  Red carpet look at me dressed for prom night.  Suzy Kolber in her glitzy black formal dress.  All we are missing is Access Hollywood on NFL Network today commenting on the fashion from last night.  Seriously!  It’s nauseating!  But heck it is a business.  The NFL deliberately has the draft as late as possible after the conclusion of the season.  The nonsense of mock drafts and draft gurus to comment ad nauseam builds up the hype while getting plenty of NFL air- time for the addicted fan.  We all know the mock drafts fail to predict correctly 99% of the time but the fan base still eats it up.


Last night defines why we were skeptical of the Gettleman hire.  The pick reeks of arrogance and smartest guy in the room.  Everyone knows that Gettleman mocks analytics and prefers his old school approach with film study and trusting his instincts of experience.  That’s why his pick last night exemplifies the cognitive bias called confirmation bias (  Who has Daniel Jones been compared to?  Last night upon commenting on the pick Gettleman stated, “after the three series I watched, I saw a professional quarterback.  So that’s when I fell in full-blown in love.”  Huh? Does that statement not just shout out the cognitive bias above?  What happened to his mantra of watching hours of tape to evaluate a guy?


There is one thing I have to hand to dinosaur breath Getlleman, he is damn good at blowing smoke.  He did everything to hide and conceal the intention of taking a QB NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE, was taking him that high.  Just yesterday he lied and stated they were committed to taking 2 starters in round 1.  To be honest my worst-case scenario was them taking Jones at 17 and he went at 6! Is there anyone defending this pick?  Even the schmucks who grovel to maintain their access to the team have not been particularly complimentary.  This will go down as the biggest reach in NFL draft history.


So we have deducted that Gettleman really does have a plan.  Part of his plan is what he stated that he doesn’t want to be in and that is quarterback hell.  Daniel Jones is your old school pocket passer.  He has smarts, great mechanics, footwork, leadership qualities etc.  Problem is his arm.  The book is out on him that he is poor throwing outside the numbers.  His arm strength is poor.  Where will he be playing 50% of his games.  What is the common denominator about East Rutherford? WIND.  Who has Daniel Jones played against?  Where is the tape vs. decent competition?  Pop in a tape when he faced Clemson.  But no worries as he has plenty of time to develop.  Gettleman was quoted that they could be using the Green Bay model for Rodgers.  Their love for Eli is really special. 


More to come on the other picks.  

One thought on “Greatest Reach in Giants History-Daniel Jones is a Giant

  1. Adrian Burke April 26, 2019 / 9:50 pm

    Reminds me of the 70s Where are yoy Pete Rozelle and George Young


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