Daniel Jones-Nashville Nightmare

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Dave Gettleman- You cannot be Serious!

When the pick was announced, QB Daniel Jones from Duke, my first thought was You Cannot Be Serious.

I kept thinking of eminent tennis player John McEnroe at Wimbledon disputing a call which went against him. And I cannot get it out of my head. Gettleman. You Cannot be Serious! After another disappointing season, ( Giants finished 5-11) Giants GM Dave Gettleman claimed the defense was the culprit for the Giants shortcomings. So with the 2019 NFL Draft loaded with defensive players, conventional wisdom would be the Giants selecting a pass rusher to help the much maligned unit. No not this moronic team. Defying logic and reason, Gettleman pulls the trigger on a guy who is comparable to Jimmy Clausen per NFL Draft Consultant Matt Richner.

The Giants apology brigade will be out in full force defending this awful selection. But do not buy into the bullshit. UltimateNYG’s Andy Furman and Wonder had Daniel Jones as their 50th best player on their big board. Yes. That is correct 50th. And the Giants took him at 6th overall. This is their analysis of Jones:

50. QB Daniel Jones. Experienced QB. Played 3 years. Hard to evaluate as Duke and his receivers were not particularly gifted. May become the quintessential game manager due to average arm strength. Knows how to play football with good pocket presence. Not particularly strong, was smart enough to not do the bench press at the Combine. Upside is a good pro QB if in the right system.. Patriots? Comparison: slightly smaller but better version of Mike Glennon.

Per UltimateNYG it is about overdrafting. No one was taking Daniel Jones anywhere close to the 6th overall pick.

So this is the Giants QB of the future. Take your Pick. Jimmy Clausen or Mike Glennon.

Not convinced.

Start with Jones’ consistently underwhelming numbers at Duke. 

  • He started for three years, and he never put up a passer rating better than 131.7, ranking 66th among FBS qualifiers in 2018. The average NFL starting QB these days ranked around 25th in the country in passer rating in his last college year. The only regular starter in 2018 who ranked lower in his last college year was Allen, 73rd as a Wyoming junior.
  • Jones gained 6.8 yards per throw in 2018 — the best of his career, but eighth in the ACC and 81st in the country. 
  • Of the 22 most talked about QB prospects from FBS, Jones’ Success Rate (how often his passes kept Duke on schedule) was third-worst in 2018. He was dead last in Marginal Efficiency, a measure that takes extra account of a play’s down and distance. Research by SB Nation’s Bill Connelly shows QBs almost never become more efficient in the pros than they were in college. 
  • According to pass-charting by Derrik Klassen (in a spreadsheet here), Jones compares poorly to other top QB prospects on passes of all ranges from zero yards to 20-plus, and got to throw more short passes than most of his peers. He also did poorly when under pressure and on third and fourth downs. Pro Football Focus, which charts every game and has its own float of advanced stats, ranks Jones 70th overall and fifth among QBs. 
  • Jones didn’t have a single standout college game against a great defense. His 10 best games by passer rating were against FCS North Carolina Central, Army, Northwestern, Temple, Notre Dame (the 2016 version that went 4-8), Pitt, FCS NC Central again, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Tech again. None finished better than 30th in Defensive S&P+. Most did far worse.

Mark my word. This will go down as the worst 1st round pick in Giants history.

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