Giants 2019 Draft 1st Round Predictions

Written by: Glenn Warciski

What will Dave Gettleman do?

The 2019 Draft is finally here. Amen. The Draft has created this burgeoning cottage industry of Draft experts. Quite frankly, much to my dismay, there is too much garbage being written and talked about how great these prospects are going to be. In fact, according to Richard Thaler Nobel Prize winner, half of these prospective stars will bust. It is my opinion, it is time for the NFL to move up the timetable of the Draft. There is too long of a lag period from the Combine to the Draft. Annoyingly, we hear and see the pseudo Draft intellects use terms like “cannot miss”, “upside”, “plug and play” etc. Like meteorologists, there is no mechanism in place to determine the accuracy of their forecasting. Because the NFL loves the attention, I think the timeframe for the draft will stay in place for years to come.

Onto the Giants. People keep asking me, “What are the Giants doing?”

Giants GM Dave Gettleman has been lampooned for his moves during the off season. I have been critical of his phony rebuild. But I stand with him in getting rid of guys who were locker room problems. As of Tuesday, he fired a salvo indirectly at Beckham. And of course, OBJ took the bait. Gettleman’s Machiavellian comment provoked the immature Beckham who went on a Twitter tirade. Gettleman’s subtle slap engendered OBJ to react like a prepubescent petulant child. Without question, this tells us Gettleman just wanted to get rid of OBJ at any cost. This is why he did not attempt to get better compensation than the Browns deal.

Giants more mature wide receiver Sterling Shepard received a new contract. It is important to note, Shepard will replace OBJ as the Giants X receiver. Then when Golden Tate is off the team in two years, Shepard will move back into the slot.

As for the quarterback situation, the Giants are set with Eli Manning coming back for his 16th season. There has been chatter and many articles written about the Giants drafting yet another quarterback. My thought process is do not do it. None of these quarterbacks are going to replace Eli. Last thing the Giants want to do is create a quarterback controversy. Again this does not make sense because in Gettleman’s mind they plan on winning. Therefore, I think he bolsters the defense he criticized by adding defensive players with his first two selections in the first round.

It is evident, the Giants do not have a guy who can rush the passer. If Kentucky’s Josh Allen is available at 106, Gettleman calls in his pick immediately. And if available at 17, I think he rolls the dice on Montez Sweat. Apparently, he has a heart condition but I think he is too good to pass up at 17.

“It’s my philosophy, and shared by people in this organization, you never, ever have enough pass rushers,” GM Ernie Accorsi said. “They are like home run hitters and pitchers“.

Well, the Giants do not have anybody who can put pressure an opposing quarterback. I think Gettleman fixes the dilemma by nabbing two in the first round.

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