First Look At Giants First Round.

Written by: Glenn Warciski

The Giants have the 6th and 17th picks in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. What do they plan on doing? Will it be grabbing two guys to bolster the maligned defense? Will they obtain Hog Mollies to bolster the offensive line?

I asked MMQB’s Breer the following question:

From Glenn Warciski (@NYGunderground): A lot of talk about @giants going defense with one or both of their first round picks. What about offensive line? Do you know who they like? Need another tackle.

Here is Breer’s reply:

I’d say there are very few spots—running back might be the only one—where the Giants couldn’t use some immediate help. And the strength of the draft class is on defense, and GM Dave Gettleman’s got a history, which is shared history with the Giants, of putting a premium on high-end defensive line. Chances are, really good ones will be available to him at both No. 6 and No. 17.

Two things could throw a wrench in all this. One is that Gettleman loves one of the quarterbacks—Haskins or Missouri’s Drew Lock or someone else. Two, a player falls into his lap where the value is just too great to pass. I don’t know if there’s an offensive lineman who’d fit that description at either pick.

So Breer does not believe the Giants will use either of their first round picks on offensive linemen Like last year, the tackle crop is mediocre. I will not rule out the possibility of the Giants using an offensive lineman at 17.Yesterday on his weekly column, Peter King revealed Giants could do this.

6. New York Giants: Drew Lock, QB, Missouri. Doubt GM Dave Gettleman will do this, or take any quarterback here. (In fact, I keep hearing Dwayne Haskins is sinking, and may be the fourth passer picked in this draft.) Gettleman seems to have more of a mind to fix his lines in this draft. But a franchise passer trumps all. Lock or Haskins should be the pick here—unless the Giants think it’s a lock that Lock will be there at 17.

17. New York Giants: Depends on the first pick. If the Giants didn’t take a quarterback at six and Drew Lock is here, he’s the guy. If so, best available offensive or defensive lineman, such as guard/center Garrett Bradbury, who could compete to play opening day at a need position, center.

Bradbury is a guy I really like. He would be a fantastic selection at 17. Giants have Jon Halapio penciled in at center. Keep in mind he is coming off a season ending ankle injury. Indeed, the Giants have to retool their line and Bradbury will be a fantastic addition.

I do not think the Giants are going to draft a quarterback As I stated earlier this year, it would be a big mistake. Because the moment, and one can set their watch, when Eli screws up, the drum beat for bringing in the new guy will be unrelenting. In addition, this does not make sense any way. The Giants plan is to rebuild and win. So if one believes Gettleman, the Giants best chances of winning are with Manning under center. It is clear with the trade of OBJ, the Giants do not want any more off the field distractions . The focus is on football. More importantly, putting a winning team on the field. With 12 picks and if he is shrewd Gettleman can trade down and collect more picks. More picks will help get the Giants better faster. Chances of hitting on them goes up when you have more. It is plain and simple.

As for their first pick, stayed tuned. In a couple of weeks, I will give you my prediction.

Meanwhile, please check out my friend Andy Furman’s exceptional draft work on

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