What is Gettleman doing?

Written by: Glenn Warciski

We started off the week with a shocking OBJ trade. After this blockbuster trade was announced, the NYGunderground thought this was the beginning of a total rebuild. Meaning the Giants were going to purge the entire roster. Unfortunately, much to our chagrin, this has not been the case. On Thursday, the Giants inexplicably overpaid for a wide receiver? Haven’t these knuckleheads learned. Why did Dave Gettlemole (his new moniker here on the NYGunderground: he is a coward who avoids conflict. Burrows himself in the basement of 1925 Giants Drive). sign WR Golden Tate? Tate, an aging journeyman who will be 31 years old, will receive 23 million dollars guaranteed. What a joke. No it is not funny. Again, Gettlemole did not make himself available to answer this question and other troubling developments.

Our Prophet is perplexed too. Real professional GM’s manage the cap. The model @Patriots have $706K in dead money this year. Dave Gettleman @Giants already has $33.6M in dead money in 2019!!!! He had $43M in dead money in 2018!! You can’t win when 18-24% of your cap money is wasted!!! @NFL #FireDaveG

Our Paul Burke on the recent moves:

The logical conclusion when a team unloads players for draft picks, and especially a dynamic player in Obj, would be that they are in rebuilding mode. Well obviously we are not dealing with a logical organization. A team that continues to fill holes with cast offs from other teams that ties up cap space is not a team in rebuild mode. They are deluded into belief they can still win with Eli. We are facing a period of dark years much like the 70s. A rudderless and directionless organization. Rebuilding is apparently not in Gettleman’s nor Mara’s vocabulary.

In addition, the Giants are recycling former Arizona Cardinals players. (Golden, Bethea, and Pierre). More from Paul: Also. WTF is up with signings of former AZ players?

How good was AZ D?

All these players they know. It’s confirmation bias. They’re not rebuilding at all.

I seriously view this team will be worst in NFL for next 2 seasons before Mara gets his head out of his ass

As of yesterday, embattled Giants quarterback Eli Manning appears to be returning for his 16th and perhaps final season for the Giants. Instead of Gettlemole cutting Eli which would have saved 17 million in cap space, the Mole will retain Eli at 23 million dollars. Please explain to your fanbase what the heck you are doing? Why sign Tate for 23 million guaranteed? Why keep an aging 38 year old QB at 23 million for this year?

All the Giants have been doing is releasing nondescript PR statements.

“You can win while you build a roster,” said Gettleman. “We do have a plan, and this is a part of it.”

This is unacceptable, Gettlemole. We think you have a lot of explaining to do.

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