OBJ Trade: Did the Giants Get Fleeced?

Written by: Paul Burke

After our post this morning more news, whispers around the league and reports have slowly emerged as it relates to the trade of OBJ.  We like to be fair and objective in giving their executives the benefit of the doubt when reviewing the information we receive.  I would like to retract some of the praise I wrote in the post from this morning based on some information that has been reported.

We would like to give Gettleman the benefit of the doubt that he did his due diligence and seeked out the best possible deal for the franchise in trading OBJ.  When you are trading a player of this caliber you seek the best assets in return.  You play teams off each other to leverage the deal.  Apparently from what we are hearing that was not entirely the case.  Many executives across the league openly are questioning the deal and surely would have offered more for OBJ.  It is likely they could have gotten a 1st round pick in 2019, 2020 and a 2019 2nd round pick instead of a 1st round pick in 2019, essentially a 4th round pick and Jabril Pepper with 2 years remaining on rookie contract.  Gettleman has a lot of explaining to do and the media has the duty to ask the pertinent questions on how many teams did he call to try to coax the best possible deal for OBJ?
We do not have all the facts and if there were incidents that occurred between OBJ and the organization or player(s).  But if Gettleman truly did not seek the best possible deal for OBJ we are dealing with a level of incompetence that we haven’t seen since the likes of Andy Robustelli and Wellington in the 1970s.  Reese was bad at drafting but not incompetent in his other duties.
On the bright side the Giants certainly demonstrated their level of interest at Kyler Murray’s pro day.  Both Shurmur and Shula were in attendance.  They also interviewed him afterwards.
Blast from the past:

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