Rebuild is Here; Farewell OBJ

Written by: Paul Burke

The Mara’s Giants have never been equated with the phrase bold.  


There were rumors for the last several months that there were OBJ trade talks.  The obvious media line was that there was no way the Mara’s were going to eat the dead money much less trade a player they signed to an extension one season prior.  The rumors persisted and the narrative persisted.  The rumor won.  OBJ is a Brown.  If anyone said to you in September on 2018 that OBJ would be a Brown in 2019 what would you have said? What are you smoking?


The perspective of this trade is threefold.  Mara is finally getting the fact that this team is in rebuild mode.  Eli is, either out the door, or, more likely, on his farewell tour this season.   Finally the reality of future QB mode for this franchise has arrived one year too late.


Gettlemen is stockpiling picks for the future.  He started it with in season trades with Snacks, Apple and JPP in preseason.  They are changing the culture but finally adapting while looking to the future.   Somehow someone finally convinced Mara that they will be in purgatory unless they rebuild this thing and get it right.  Someone may have finally convinced Mara that it is time to start moving on from PTSD QB.   Many of the rose-colored glasses fans are livid at the OBJ trade.  We are not.  We viewed last season should have been the start of the rebuilding process.  It was pure folly to believe they were going to compete with an aging QB and a roster riddled with holes.  OBJ is a great player and we enjoyed what he brought to the team but one star WR does not bring championships to East Rutherford.


We now have the 6th pick, 19th pick, 37th pick, Browns 3rd round pick, 2 4th round picks, 3 5th round picks, 6th round pick and 2 7th round picks.  That is 12 total picks which you can bet they will not keep all and shouldn’t.    By the way, please do not listen to those who believe they will use their bevy of picks to move up in the 1st round to grab their QB.  We implore Gettlemen to be patient.  Trade down if you can.  This team cannot be rebuilt in one draft.  Stash you draft capital in the forthcoming season.  Create opportunities to have more controllable cheap assets vs. the free agency route.  Next year there will be more higher rated QBs eligible for the draft.  With this roster does anyone really believe they will be appreciatively better than last seasons record?  They will have the opportunity to draft one of those QBs and if Gettlemen plays it right will have draft assets to move to target their QB.   Bottom line, they have much more flexibility in rebuilding.  Many are freaking out about the $30 million in dead cap space.  Why? This move clearly demonstrates the rebuild is via the draft.  That dead cap space was purgatory on their roster.  That’s why we are praising the boldness of Mara to eat that dead cap space.


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