Giants Still A Mess!



Written by: Glenn Warciski

New York Football Giants management continues to behave badly. It is March 1, 2019. Incredulously, we still do not know who will be under center when the new season begins in September. This is a slap in Eli Manning’s face. Mara, Tisch, Gettleman et al. What are you thinking? As I wrote in January, it is about money. Will Eli Manning be willing to take a pay cut to stay on?  This is the delay.  It is time to declare whether Eli will be the starting quarterback.  Stop dawdling already!  The Giants have to do the following:

1. Give Eli respect. Broadcast he is coming back.   Hold on.  According to multiple sources, a plan in place to bring Eli back and follow the Kansas City Chiefs model. So what does this mean. Keeping Eli and drafting his successor. Dumb. Why do I state dumb?

Former Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is not Eli Manning. This is a false equivalency. Alex Smith has not won anything.   Needles to say, the bar was set low. After 2017, it was a foregone conclusion Mahomes was taking over as the starter. Furthermore, for the last four years, the Giants propaganda machine has espoused the Giants could win with Eli BUT he needs help. How has this worked out?

The other part I do not like, Eli has been too inconsistent over the last three years. Some of the Giants fandom still cling to the past. Meaning he can still get the Giants another title. Conversely, I am in the “other” camp ( so-called Eli Haters). I have seen enough. Eli is a shell of the player he used to be. Quite frankly, it is time to move on.

So if the Giants go forward with this Kansas. City plan, they are creating a maelstrom. It is inevitable, Eli is going to have some good games but many horrible games too. As soon as he inexplicably turns the ball over or misses a wide open OBJ and throws a check down pass for 2 yards, the sober Giants fans are going to be apoplectic. And the media will turn on Manning and want a QB change. Is this thinking fair to Eli and Giants fans? NO.

There are two scenarios.

  1. It is my belief, the Giants should name him the starter today. Scrap the Kansas City Plan. Commit to winning one last time with Eli.  Gettleman who failed to surround Eli with “Hog Mollies” has to retool this line once again.  Commit to getting quality offensive lineman through the Draft.  Stop drinking the Free Agency Kool Aid.

2.   This  is what I prefer. Hold a press conference. Announce Eli Manning will not be coming back.  2019 is the beginning of a true rebuild. We have a plan. And our commitment to our fans is to get back to relevancy.

Other notes:

Can Dave Gettleman stop giving air to OBJ’s status? He continues to say we did not sign him to trade him. If this is the case, why keep repeating it?

Landon Collins: There is a question on whether he is coming back? Locker Gate. His locker was empty? His locker was full?   I cannot foresee them keeping him.  He has been banged up over the last two years.  And he has trouble guarding receivers in coverage.  Giants can spend much-needed money in other areas to improve this dreadful team.

Finally.  Let us face it.  This team stinks.  It is going to take more time to reshape this roster.   2019 is going to be another losing season.

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