Giants GM Dave Gettleman Resurfaces-Giants Still in Disarray

Written by: Glenn Warciski

After 5 months of silence,  Giants GM Dave Gettleman addressed the media and Giants fans.  Nothing much of substance came out of his mouth except embattled PTSD Eli Manning’s future is in doubt and the Giants defense was to blame for the disappointing 5-11 season.

Move on From Eli- This is the mantra we have been using.  It is time for the Giants to part ways with Eli Manning.  One day after the season ended,  Manning and his agent met with Gettleman.   According to Gettleman’s version of the conversation,  he had a “no holds barred” discussion with the 15th year two-time Super Bowl MVP.   We can decode what took place.   If Manning is going to come back for his 16th and perhaps final season with the Giants,  it is going to be on the Giants terms.  Meaning Manning will have to take a pay cut in order to remain on the active roster.   But Manning does not want to take a pay cut.  So during his presser,  Gettleman fell short of endorsing Manning as the starting quarterback for the 2019 season.  It is clear to the NYGunderground,  despite his statistics,  Manning should be shown the door.  His eroding skills plus his questionable decision-making has cost the Giants games this year.  Unfortunately, he cannot perform consistently at a high level anymore.   Even prominent NFL reporter Peter King tweeted:

Gettleman exclaimed he will watch film until his eyes bleed.  Once he begins to watch the Titans game,  it was evident to the NYGunderground,  Manning’s inexplicable fumble gave the Titans excellent field position.  As a result, they extended their lead to 14-0 and eventually defeated the Giants 17-0.  This is a game the Giants had a good chance at keeping their slim playoff chances alive.  Like previous seasons,  Manning was unable to carry his team on his back.   I believe once the Giants part ways with Eli,  Gettleman will refer to this game as a reason why they had to let him go.

As for the defense,  the NYGunderground has been applauding their effort all season long.   The reason they won games this year.  1.  4 of the wins they played back up quarterbacks.  2.  The defense was opportunistic in the five games creating 12 turnovers.  Overall, the Giants finished with a PLUS 2 overall.   However, in Gettleman’s presser he blamed the defense.   NY Daily News’  Pat Leonard wrote a piece  which supported our beliefs as well as dismissing Gettleman’s lame narrative of blaming the defense for this awful season.   In fact,  we were the first when it came to explaining why the Giants surprisingly traded two starting defensive players:  DT Damon Harrison and CB Eli Apple.   

Last week,  I tweeted Snacks was a locker room problem  Some followers took umbrage with my comment.  I will use my space here to elaborate.  Because Landon Collins broadcasted his displeasure with Eli Apple’s behavior.  This gave Giants beat writers a cue to write about Apple.  An unwritten rule in covering a team is not to tell outsiders what goes on in a locker room.   So we knew about Apple.  As for Snacks,  there are stories which have been reported.1.  After Bobby Hart was cut,  Harrison had to be restrained from coming to blows with Hart.  2. Snacks refusing to talk to the media.  Oh, is it big deal?  It is a big deal when he is supposed to make himself available to talk with the press.  This continued this year.  This is the stuff which has been reported.  I can only imagine the stuff not reported.  In due time, we will find out how Snacks was a poison in the Giants locker room. It is my belief, the Giants got tired of his nonsense and gave him away for a 5th round draft pick.  When he got here, he solidifed the Giants defensive line.  They were 3rd in the in NFL against the rush in 2016.  In 2017, with his teammate DT Jonathan Hankins departing via free agency,  the Giants finished 27th versus the rush.  Prior to this game and Snacks’ departure,  the Giants were 20th vs the rush.  So for a guy who played 50 percent of the time, it was time to send him packing.

To sum up,  Gettleman was not brutally honest about the state of his Giants.  It would have been refreshing if he proclaimed we are in total rebuild mode.  Please be patient while I turnover the roster again.  I will collect quality players through the draft and fill in small time free agents at other positions.   As for the quarterback position,  we have to move on from Eli.  Again,  we continue to see losing season after season.   Much to our dismay,  Gettleman is still in denial.   He continues to talk about this tight rope of winning now and preparing for the future.  Knock off the nonsense about the tight rope.  Rebuild now.  Take lumps.  If this means losing for a couple more years, we would be okay.  Because we know the Giants have a plan to get better.   Otherwise, we are still getting this nonsense which my former colleague Pete Furman talked about.  Paraphrasing Pete,  he called the Giants 2011 Super Bowl run “Fools Gold”.  Where a 9-7 team which had a thousand miracles break their way won it all without a sustainable front office architecture.   In other words, Reese drafting WR and specialty players instead of retooling the offensive and defensive lines.   Unfortunately,  Pete was vilified for espousing his theory.   He was right.   And the NYGunderground has been right.  So stick with us as we continue to monitor the Giants in 2019.





One thought on “Giants GM Dave Gettleman Resurfaces-Giants Still in Disarray

  1. Rick Preato January 7, 2019 / 3:32 pm

    I believe DG is a straight shooter. He inherited a mess of a roster on many levels both talent wise and in the locker room. Sure he’s made a few miscalculations but he quickly recognizes them and moves to make corrections, unlike his predecessor. It was not unreasonable to stick with Eli in 2018 and draft Barkley. Rebuilding this roster, which lacked first line talent and depth is going to continue to be an ugly process.
    Let’s see how he navigates through this off season and see what his plans are with regards to the QB situation.

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