Colts 28 NYG 27

Written by: Paul Burke

Merry Christmas!  Our pathetic Giants were in the gift giving mood.  Another late game collapse.  Another December loss.  Since 2013, the Giants are 11-15 in the month of December.   The losses continue to pile up.  Over the last 5 years, the Giants have lost 10 games or more FOUR times.  Again bleak times.  How bleak?  In Giants’ infamous history,  from 1970 til 1980 ( labeled the Wilderness Years), the Giants lost 10 or more games SEVEN times. Undoubtedly, we are in the 21st Century Wilderness years.  Takeaway  Super Bowl 46, this has been a decade of despair.  Nonetheless, we are not going to go too deep in on this recap as we respect your mental health as well as, we hope, our own.

The Colts blueprinted the defensive game plan of Titans from prior week.  They stuffed box and took away All World Barkley.  They put it on PTSD QB to beat them.  Eli played very well.  He was efficient and made solid accurate throws.  Engram showed how he is a matchup nightmare for defenses.  He had the best game of his career with over 100 yards receiving and 26 yards rushing.  If Shurmur and staff be more creative in the future the combination of Engram, All World and OBJ will be pure entertainment.

It was apparent that the Colts were a little sleepy in this game as their offense was non-existent in the 1st half.  Luck is one of the best in the league and to generate just 7 points?  They also had some critical injuries with Ebron down.

There are many out their in NY media land panning the defense as the culprit of their loss.  We will showcase exhibit A of pure Neanderthal analysis:

Why do we constantly read about local media schmucks carrying Eli’s water? Why do we constantly hear excuses? Is there no accountability from him? He makes north of $20 million and you are carrying his water, huh?  How many times have we seen this ending?  Where was the criticism of putting your D in a bad spot last week with a stupid fumble in your own territory in a low scoring game?  This madness has to stop.  We are done listening to this lazy garbage from media insiders who propagate narratives for the organization.

They lost because Eli forced a throw into coverage.  The read was not there.  Move on and live another play.  Goal was to get Rosas, your machine kicker, into field goal range.

Make no mistake.  We are fine with the loss.  Our draft position is better.  We have more draft capital and leverage.  We see promises in Michael Thomas, Evan Engram, All World and guys like B.J. Hill.



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