Titans 17 Giants Zero

Written by: Paul Burke & Glenn Warciski

RIP 2018 Giants.


Fugly. fugly.  fugly.  Reality strikes back!  This past week, we were fed the delusion of playoff graphs and chances in New York media. We can link from  Pat Leonard of New York Daily News,  Patricia Traina of  Giants for Dummies, and to, our favorite whipping boy,  Ralphie Vacchiano of SNY.   But, we do not want to generate web hits on their garbage-mindless reporting.   It is easy pickings to feed off a fan bases emotional run of meaningless wins versus back up QBs.  The beginning of the season was déjà vu of the 1970’s but last month was a déjà vu of 2013.  Glenn, summarizes it aptly. ( Giants began 2013 with SIX consecutive losses, then played back up quarterbacks ( Freeman, Pryor, Barkley, Tolzien).  Four FRAUD wins versus back up quarterbacks.  With these four FRAUD wins, the Giants managed to finish the season with a  “respectable” 7-9 record.  Well, five years later, here we are again.  The Giants have 5 wins with 4 wins against second to shit string quarterbacks.  ( Mullens, Fitzpatrick, Daniel, and Sanchez).  With a disgusting loss against a first string quarterback, the Giants are 5-9.  They will have a losing record in FIVE of their last SIX seasons.   Since 2013, a dismal record of 38-57.   More importantly, they were shut out for the sixth time in the last SIX years.  Indeed, a wretched franchise for way too long.

The weather was a factor.  You will hear this. But it was for the visiting team as the HOME team was not in existence.  The score is not a reflection of the shear difference between these two teams.  Titans dominated, without question, on both side of the trenches, period.  Can we drop the Jamon Brown  making a difference shit?   They ran the ball down the Giants’ throat and utilized run blitzes as part of a scheme arsenal to stifle the lone offensive threat in All World Barkley.  They forced the Giants to beat them with Eli. Or our  PTSD QB.


The Giants franchise can lay in the coffin above.   You too Eli.  It’s over Eli.  You and your agent can stop trying to hijack the franchise and move on. Your performance today was a crescendo.  Your team was only down 7 points  in inclement weather of which your opponent was completely unfamiliar with.  You threw a pick that was clearly telegraphed by the opposing CB.  This is not to forget yet again, they dropped many others as well.  You were down 7-0 deep in your territory but you decided to desperately squeeze out of a collapsing pocket, with your un-athletic abilities, to escape pressure only to feebly fumble deep in your own territory.  That sealed the game for your defense, The thing is Eli, your defense was hanging on.  They were getting hammered by a run offense through Henry (poor game planning on tackling by coaching but that’s for later).  Keep the ball out of the hands of your opponent much less in your own territory.  You’re a veteran.  Shouldn’t you know better?  Eli, you are clearly affected by hits and hits from previous season’s past (Christmas past) every decision is predicated on that and it is clearly evident.  The older you get the worst it is.  Please retire.

We move on from Eli de-analysis.  This game was indicative of the entire season.  The O-line has major holes in run game and pass blocking.  Only future is with Hernandez, period.  Carpet bomb this offensive line.  Are you listening Gettleman?  D-line and LBs were manhandled in run game, Btw, Bettcher what’s up with the game plan on how to tackle Henry?  Tackle high versus Henry?  Did you not watch tape of their previous game?  Shurmur, where was the adjustment to run blitzes? Your O is predictable.  Titans were clearly calling out some of your plays as LOS.  Where are the screens, flares and shallow crossing routes to involve the speed and quickness of Barkley, Engram  and Shepard?  Pop in a tape of the teams that are winning in the NFL.  Watch the schemes and play calls to create mismatches.  Is it pure talent., partly, but not entirely.  Their OL needs to be old fashion in blocking but zone concepts helps cover up some weaknesses as EVERY team has weaknesses, too a degree.

Bottom line, we here on NYGunderground expect, and desire, championships. The wins after starting 1-7 start are detrimental to compiling talent that is barren on this team; especially in the trenches on both sides of the ball.


Other Observations:

Turnovers.  Here we have equated the Giants modicum of success to turnover differential.  In their five wins, the Giants have a plus 10 turnover differential.  In their 9 losses, they are NEGATIVE seven.   Overall, on the season a plus 3.  The positive turnover differential plus playing back up quarterbacks has engendered wins.  Fraud wins.

OBJ.   Our hope is the Giants shut him down for the remainder of the season.  There is no need to play him anymore in 2018.

Shurmur.  We never thought he was the smart hire as head coach.  Unfortunately,  we will have to endure another year with this loser.  Oh by the way,  lump in his time as head coach of the Browns:  his overall record as a head coach  15-32.  Outcoached once  again.   Many more to come…..

NFCLeast:  Last week, the Redskins who looked like dog shit won today.  They have a 7-7 record.  Today, they won with Josh Johnson under center.   Sadly, they will finish ahead of the Giants.

5-11.   Yes.  The Giants will lose their next two games and finish with double digit losses.  The Colts are hot.  Winners of seven out of their last eight games,  they will host the pathetic Giants on the 23rd.   Then against Dallas at home.  Another loss.



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