Prophet’s Pulpit-Redskins vs NYG Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants won a game they almost threw away vs a good playoff team. Earlier this year it would another Giants’ game where they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. However they get their 3rd win in 4 weeks. It is criminal that as bad as the Giants have played this year, if they could won the Eagles game that they lost on the last play and one of the two close games that they lost (Carolina 33-31 and Atlanta 23-20), the Giants would be in the thick of the NFC East division race that is up for grabs.

You have to review the last 1:49 of last week’s game to see how the Giants almost blew this game. The Giants had a pass interference at 1:36 on the Bears 2nd down. The Bears got all the way to the Giants 3 yard line but were stopped. The Bears needed 2 scores so they opted for the 21 yard field goal which they made. That brought the score to Giants 27-20.

The Bears tried an onside kick that they recovered! Beckham had the best chance for the Giants to recover it and he should have jumped on the ball. He tried to swat it out-of-bounds but he didn’t. OBJ has to have the guts to dive on that ball! I have not seen a reluctance to dive on a ball like that since Cam Newton did not try to jump on a fumble in Super Bowl 50. The Panthers were losing by 6 points and he didn’t jump on the ball and he stared at it. Denver recovered, and that was the game. I said Cam Newton will never win a Super Bowl based on that one play. If you have only one arm you still have to try for the recovery and I say the same for OBJ.

The Bears had the ball on their own 47 with 1:13 to play. There were 2 big pass plays to Tarik Cohen of 14 and 23 yards. At 7 seconds Webb was called for pass interference and the ball was put on the 1 yard line. In an unbelievable play RB Cohen passes the ball to Miller with 3 seconds to go. It is a touchdown! The chances for the Bears to have all this happen in less than 2 minutes has to be 0.1%. To the Giants credit they won the game in overtime.

I would just say that if Trubisky played, the Giants would have lost this game hands down. Chase Daniel missed open receivers. On the last drive in overtime, he fumbled the ball 3 times but recovered them.

The Giants defense had their best game. Ogletree had a pick 6 on the second play of the game that set the tone for the day. That was his second of the season. The Giants would not have won without that TD. He had a strong game with 2 interceptions, 5 tackles, and 2 passes defended. Vernon had 5 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble. Webb had 9 tackles and Haley had 8.

Looking at this week’s game, it was looking like a cake walk until Beckham was ruled out. Sanchez does not offer much competition. The Redskins were losing by 1 at the half of Monday’s night game and when Sanchez went in, they did not score another point. Colt McCoy kept them competitive The Redskins are 27th vs the pass, so it was going to be a big game for OBJ. He had 8 catches for 136 yards in the first game. Engram will be back, so he will have to pick up the slack. The Giant back up TE’s last week had 6 catches. Shepard has been incognito the past several weeks, and he has to step up without OBJ.

The Giants will have to run the ball with Barkley. They only had 37 rushing yards in the first meeting. They got him in space in the last meeting instead of rushing. He had 73 yards on 9 receptions and 10 targets. They will probably do the same this week. Barkley has had 100+ yards from scrimmage in every game except one.

The Redskins will want to hide Sanchez. He may do a little better getting the reps with the first team and being part of the game plan. However the Redskins will give the Giants a large dose of Peterson running the ball. The Giants have been somewhat vulnerable to the run since they traded away Snack Harrison. The Giants are vulnerable over the middle. TE Jordan Reed has been actually healthy and getting receptions since Crowder and Thompson have been out for multiple weeks. Both will be back this week. Reed was born on IR. The ageless Vernon Davis is also in the TE mix. With Landon Collins out it will be more difficult for the Giants to cover the middle. Making it more difficult for the Redskins in this game, their OL has been decimated.

With Sanchez, I can’t see how the Redskins can win. The Giants are going to win 4 out of their last five games. The Giants have actually played better on the road this year. The Giants are looking to be the first NFL franchise to beat another team 100 times in their history by beating the Redskins. I am calling this a win for the Giants 27 to 13.

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