NYG 30 Bears 27

Written by: Paul Burke

Giants beat DA Bears in overtime.

Admit it!  Most of you were chalking up a win after the Bears coughed up the ball deep in their territory with 2:26 to go down by 7 where the Giants were in range to go up by 10.  Then they demonstrated what a defense looks like in what not to do to close out a game and our old punching bag, Quinn’s follies, shows up.  We don’t want to hear about anyone blaming OBJ for not sacrificing his body to coral the ball on the onside kick.  That was purely a coaching issue whether by scheme or coaching awareness in those situations.

Yes, the Giants showed heart and fought through many mishaps by both teams to pull it out in extra time.   Yes they accumulated 30 points versus the #2 defense in the NFL.  Yes their #1 pick, and all-world RB, racked up 125 yards on the ground versus that lauded defense.  But let’s put some perspective and reality on this W.

Can you imagine what this offense would look like with a serviceable offensive line and an average NFL QB?  Let’s put some perspective on the total offensive output by this team.  OBJ and Barkley accounted for 230 total yards, which accounts for almost 70% of your TEAM total.  All the big plays of 20 yards or more were directly due to Barkley on the ground and OBJ via both receiving and throwing.  The biggest play may have been Barkley’s insane run at the end of the 1st half that set up a Rosas FG to close the gap to 4 points.  That arguably was the moment changer for the team moving forward.  They put on a show and demonstrated how dominating they are as NFL stars.

Then you have the back up QB for the Bears in Chase Daniels.  He was generous enough to start off the game with a gift-wrap of 7 points.   There were many more instances where he there could easily been more points given away.  The Giants secondary had their fair share of drops.  His folly was capped off in the Bears final possession.  Butterfingers Daniels fumbled two snaps that they miraculously recovered.  It also put stress on his team forcing them to convert their 6th 4th down conversion of the game before their 7th attempt fell harmlessly to the turf to end the game.

So where do they go from here?  The future of this offense revolves around OBJ and Barkley.  Shurmur and company must re-tool their play packages to maximize opportunities for both Barkley and OBJ in space.  This means more plays like screens and shallow crossing routes.

This team clearly lacks talent level and we believe that hollow wins will not set this organization up for future success.  This team needs draft capital.  They need an infusion of cheap young controllable assets.  It means hoarding draft picks and the higher the pick the more leverage you have to acquire quality picks.  Just look across the landscape of the top NFL teams.  They all have a common thread.  Young drafted talent with reasonable contracts under control for several years.  The Rams, Chiefs and even old man Drew Brees’ Saints possess this character.

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