Bye Week Blue!

Written by: Glenn Warciski @nygunderground

Thankfully, the 1-7 Giants do not play this week.  Next game is November 12th.  The hapless Giants face the equally as hapless San Francisco 49ers.  In the meantime, we will discuss for what is in store for this dreadful Giants teams as they begin the second half of the 2018 season.

Pat Shurmur:

Now this Cleveland Browns fan is frustrated.  And I get it.  Point of showing this video:

When Shurmur was hired by the Giants in January,  he stated:  Everything Cleveland, I wish I knew then what I know now. I think when you’re doing anything for the first time, there’s things that happen that you adjust to that if you’ve done them before, and I’m being a little bit vague here. Some of it’s really not specific. But obviously once you’ve done it before, you have the resources, and you’ve made those decisions. You’ve made those calls. You’ve done the things that you say if I do that again, I’ll never do that again. And I think I learned that.   

Please keep this in mind, this video is a snapshot.   He claimed he learned from his previous mistakes.  Well, Pat,  time management continues to be a problem.  As I wrote in my post titled Slipshod Shurmur.   He continues to make bone headed decisions.

Besides the bone-headed decisions, his team cannot score touchdowns. The media labeled him an offensive genius. Well, after 8 games, the Giants have scored only 14 touchdowns. This is unacceptable. But it gets worse. Per, 5 out of those 14 touchdowns have come in garbage time. Therefore, the adjusted touchdowns for his team is a paltry NINE.

Even though the Giants have struggled in every facet, to his credit,  the Giants did not quit in their game versus Washington.  I think we can trace this back to the trades of Eli Apple and Snacks Harrison.  Going back to his introductory press conference,  Shurmur said: Those of you that do know me, though, I have zero tolerance for people that don’t compete. I have zero tolerance for people that don’t give effort, and I have zero tolerance for people that show a lack of respect. And I think that’s something that you’ll know about me as we get to know each other better. 

A message was sent to this putrid team.  Words are not wind with me.  I will not tolerate any nonsense.  This became clearer because the Giants did not trade anyone away on Tuesday’s trade deadline.  Yes,  Landon Collins was being shopped but the Giants did not pull the trigger.  Why?  They wanted more value for him. They were not willing to give him away.   As reported by various news outlets, the Giants wanted a 2019 second round pick.   With Snacks and Apple, they got something in return for problem players.

For Shurmur to stay on as head coach going into next year, he has to win a few more games.  As he has stated,  his offensive line was his linchpin.  So far, this sub standard line has caused Gettleman ‘s and Shurmur’s plan to backfire.  Again, the Giants will continue to tinker with this line.  On Halloween, they picked up from waivers former Rams guard Jamon Brown.  Brown, a former starter with the Rams, will be inserted in the starting lineup when the Giants play the 49ers.  Let us hope, Brown is a Treat and not another Gettleman gussy trick.

Unlike last year, this Giants team has not had any major injuries.  So in previous years,  Patch Mara would use the injury excuse for the inept play.  This year, they cannot use the injury card.  If Shurmur can get the best out of his team with no evident quitting, he should be around next year.  However, if the Giants lose their remaining EIGHT games, it is highly unlikely, Patch Mara can justify keeping Shurmur on as head coach.

As for Dave Gettleman:  He has a lot of explaining to do.  The Giants are at their bye week and Gettleman is no where to be seen.  I view this as cowardice.  At some point, he has to be accessible to reporters.  He and he alone has to take the heat for this gloomy season.   He talked tough in his introductory press conference in December.  Declaring we have to fix this offensive line.  You win with big people up front.  Yes,  he did bring in big people but  brought in the wrong big people.  Solder and Omameh have been tremendous disappointments.   Gettleman gets a F for signing these two guys.  Rookie guard Will Hernandez has not lived up to expectations.  He has not produced as advertised.  So the gambit of keeping Eli Manning at quarterback and surrounding him with Gettleman’s selections at offensive line has backfired.   My hope is with this Brown pick up, the Giants can get some semblance of a running game.  If they do this,  there is hope, they can win some games and salvage something from this miserable 2018 season.

If we continue to see an avalanche of losses,  the Giants finish 1-15.  Patch Mara has to blow this whole thing up again.  It would be difficult to justify bringing back Gettleman.  He has whiffed in free agency.  Outside of Barkley, his first Giants draft can be characterized as decent.  Based on what Patch Mara thought, they were supposed to turn things around this year.  Again, more losses, empty seats, and angry fans will engender a start from ground zero,  and Patch will have to  hire a GM from outside of the organization to make things better.

It is my belief a 3-5 second half gets Shurmur and Gettleman another year.

Other Observation:

Giants 3rd string quarterback Kyle Lauletta was arrested for reckless driving.    This shows us the immaturity of this young man.  How can you give him the keys to the offense?   Before this incident, he was on the practice squad.  And now after this dust up with law enforcement,  he will remain on the practice squad.  Barring an Eli Manning injury,  Lauletta will remain on the practice squad for the rest of the year.  Again, if he was ready to play, he would have been on the active roster.

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