Prophet’s Pulpit-Redskins vs Giants Preview & Prediction


Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Falcons game was the turning point game in the Giants season. It resulted in showing that the “Emperor has no clothes” (Shurmur) and started a fire sale. I have been watching the NFL since I was 7 years old, and I have never seen such bad coaching from a coach as I saw from Shurmer on Monday night. How can you go for 2 when you need 14 points????? His explanation is BS. He said he wants to be aggressive and had a good play. Even high school coaches know that if you EVEN were going for 2 you do it on the next touchdown so you can go ahead. However, with a 14 point deficit, there is no going for 2!

The other blunder is when the Giants had the ball at the one with 45 seconds left in the game. Shurmur has Eli try a sneak. You need a quick score, and time for an onside kick and a miracle play after that. You have to throw the ball to score or stop the clock. You throw to 3 good targets, OBJ, Engram or Barkley. This IS SO BASIC that it blows my mind that Shurmur does not know this. Eli has no history of sneaks like say a Tom Brady does. They did score to OBJ with 5 seconds left. That should have been the first play.
I have lost all faith in this new regime! Shurmur is a bad game management coach, does not know the basics and has time management issues. In Minnesota he was the OC and, he I now in the deep end of the pool as the head coach. Gettleman is not free from is blame for this team! He wasted $3.9M (for this year, almost $3M next year if he’s here) on Jonathan Stewart who is done with two speed, slow and molasses. Now he is on IR. He FAILED to make the offensive line better! He traded away Brett Jones at center to Minnesota to save $3.9M when we needed him. He thought he would save money by signing Halapio at center for $555,000. Halapio was a JAG (just a guy). It took him 5 years to make a NFL team! He breaks his leg in week 1 and the Giants are screwed. Gettleman got rid of John Jerry and replaced him with Omameh who is terrible for the same money. I have been saying for years that the Giants lose 3 starting offensive linemen every year for 5 games or more. This year is no exception when you consider they had to cut Flowers. Gettleman has left the team with nearly $40M in dead money under the cap and you wonder why they suck? So in 7 short weeks this team has transformed to a unit that may be worse than last year’s team. Gettleman is admitting he made a big mistake how he handled this year by cutting Apple and Harrison.
Turning to last week’s game, it is disturbing to recount. I want to forget it. Both teams could not run the ball. The Giants should have been able to run the ball against Atlanta who gave up 121 yards/games rushing coming into that game. They ran for half of that at 61 yards. So it was bombs away for both teams. Eli did pass for 399 yards but had only 1 TD. Ryan has 379 yards and 1 TD. The team moved up and down the field but settled early in the game for 2 short field goals, 31 and 36 yards. The Giants have only scored 9 TD’s in 21 red zone trips. They dug themselves a hole that they found was too deep to dig out of before the game ended.

For this week’s game I anticipate a low scoring game. The Redskins have a good front 7 and are 5th in total defense. That does not bode well for Eli who has not had the time this year to get comfortable in the pocket. Ryan Kerrigan has been a Giant killer in this matchup with 9 sacks lifetime vs the Gmen. So the Giants will have to run the ball to have success in this game. That means Barkley time. They cannot get in 3rd and long and the run will set up the play action. Shurmur should use some 12 personnel to help with blocking on this porous offensive line. The Redskins receiving corps have been hurting. Crowder and Richardson were out last week, and it looks like Thompson will be back this week. I expect Peterson to have 100 yards. Snacks is gone and there is a big hole in the middle of the defense. They can control the game with him. There is still more tread on his tires as he has had time off the past few years.

So it’s #SuckforHerbert time for the Giants. It’s tanking time and they are in a battle with Arizona, Buffalo, the 49ers, and Oakland for the number 1 pick in the 2019 draft. It’s good that all those teams have their quarterbacks but you have to worry about teams jumping up ahead of them in the draft. I don’t know if they can win more than 3 games at this point. It is another wasted season (for Eli) and Gettleman thought he could keep it together but he was wrong!

But for Sunday, I am calling this a Washington win, Redskins 26-17. It’s a Smell game with the spread Redskins -1. They are begging you to take Washington, and after last week I will.

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