Shurmur: Give Up The Play Calling!!

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Letdown!  After making positive strides offensively versus the Texans, Pat Shurmur’s offense disintegrated against a woeful Saints defense.  This is the same Saints defense which  allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons to score 48 and 37 points respectively.  Unfortunately,  Shurmur’s Giants could only put up 10 points.  The last 8 points were scored in garbage time.  Speaking of garbage, Shurmur’s team is playing like trash.  His special teams and offensive line stinks.  It is time for him to devote more time in overseeing the offensive line and special teams.  Both areas, without question, need serious improvement.  And relinquish the play calling duties to offensive coordinator Mike Shula.

With the Flowers benching, I really believed Shurmur had his offense going into the right direction.   It sure did look this way after the Giants opening drive against the Saints.  After an impressive 10 play 75 yard touchdown drive which took about 5 minutes off the clock,  I was thinking the Giants were going to have a break out game.  Here we go, the offensive guru and quarterback whisperer, Shurmur has this figured out.  The Giants are going to score 40 points today.  Why not?  With explosive players like Odell Beckham Jr.  and Saquon Barkley,  the Giants were going to exploit the hapless Saints defense.  This was far from the case.  His offense fizzled putting up 18 points in a humiliating loss at home to the Saints 33-18. If one wants to nitpick, which I will here: the last EIGHT points were garbage points.  So Shurmur’s offense scored a measly 10 points.

Going back to last year, the Giants continue their losing ways.  In their last 20 games, the Giants record is 4-16.  Yes. 4-16.  Before taking this job as head coach of the Giants,  Shurmur claimed he learned from the mistakes he made as head coach of Cleveland.  Let us hope he does some self examining here and do what is best for the team.  His first four games have been a major disappointment.   With games against the Panthers, Eagles and Falcons in the next three weeks, he better figure things out fast.  Because his first season at the helm for the Giants can turn into a nightmare real fast.

Other Observations:

10/8/17 This was the last time OBJ got into the end zone.  With the promise of improving upon McAdoo’s inept offense,  Shurmur is doing worse.  He has the best receiver in the NFL and he cannot find a way to get him touchdown catches.  Yes, OBJ was injured after the 5th game last year, it is unfathomable after four games, he has ZERO touchdown catches.  After the game, OBJ kept his composure; however, I could tell he is very frustrated with the Giants losing ways.  Here we go again,  he wants to win and is not getting enough chances to get his team wins.  OBJ caught 7 passes for 60 yards.  Although he was targeted 11 times, this number is way too low.  It is only a matter of time, when star players like OBJ get disgusted with the head coach for lack of progress.  If Shurmur does not figure out how to get OBJ into the endzone with touchdown catches,  shame on Shurmur.

Eli Manning:   Manning did not play poorly against the Saints.  He had a good game overall.  I blame Shurmur for not getting the best out of his quarterback.  How does journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick torch the Saints and Manning looks ordinary?  This is mind-boggling.   The pitch Giants owner John Mara and GM Dave Gettleman were peddling was Manning has years left.  Different coaches and different players come into and out of the Giants complex but Manning is the constant.  We have seen the same results.  No to low scoring and losing football.   September is the new preseason.  But with September over, it is time for Shurmur to get things right in October with Manning.  The Giants have to run the ball effectively for Manning to flourish.  The offensive line stunk.  The Giants rushed for 65 yards and allowed THREE sacks.  Last week, Manning had a magnificent performance and take away the first drive on Sunday,  he looked average. Why?  The offensive line could not open up holes.  Thus, Manning cannot elevate this team.  He needs help.   No more excuses.  I want to see consistency over the next three weeks.  I want to see solid games out of Eli.  Enough is enough.

Special Teams:

Tom Quinn is toxic.  When Giants hired new special team coach Thomas McGaughey, I rejoiced.  No more Tom Quinn.  However,  it was reported McGaughey has cancer and who do the Giants bring back?  Tom Quinn.  I cringed because of all of the coaches around the country, the Giants could not find anyone other than Quinn.  This is inexplicable.  Well, four games into this season and Quinn’s unit has reared its ugly head.  On Sunday,  they could not thrwart the Saints fake punt attempt in the first quarter.  This gave the Saints new life and they were able to get points on this drive which was a FG.

In the third quarter with the Giants down 19-7,  Giants new return man Jawill Davis hesitates and decides to make a move for a return.  This blunder cost the Giants field position.  Instead of taking a touchback and starting on the 20 yard line,  the moron was tackled on the Giants 11 yard line.  According to,  Davis is credited with a 16 yard return.  So he was FIVE yards deep in the endzone.  Think about this,  FIVE yards deep in the endzone, and what made him think to start running?  What the heck is going on during special teams practices?  What is Shurmur’s oversight on Special Teams?

Riley Dixon’s shank punt of 36 yards late in the second quarter set up the Saints in excellent field positon at the Giants 47 yard line.  Seven plays later, the Saints scored again a Lutz field goal to put them up 12-7.

How does Tom Quinn still have a job?

Turning point:  Initally, I thought the Wayne Gallman fumble was the turning point of the game.  After giving more thought, it was the Saints inability to score touchdowns in the red zone in the first half.  The Saints were 0 for 4 in red zone efficiency in the first half.  If the Saints would have scored touchdowns instead of field goals, this would have been a blow out.

Ending on defense.  James Bettcher’s unit turned in an admirable effort.  If you would have told me the Giants defense limited Saints quarterback Drew Brees to 217 yards and ZERO touchdowns,  I would have thought the Giants won.  Give credit to the defense for keeping the Saints out of the endzone in the first half.  His defense was responsible for keeping the Giants in this game.

….. Giants have 5 sacks on the year.  Our staff writer’s Alexander George’s favorite defensive player out of this year’s draft BJ Hill has 2 of the 5 sacks.   Hill recorded the Giants only sack of the game.

2 thoughts on “Shurmur: Give Up The Play Calling!!

  1. Michael October 4, 2018 / 6:10 pm

    Without finding a way to involve OBJ in a big way, the offense will continue to sputter! Try max protect-I am sure either shepard, Barkley or OBJ will get free! The OL prevents you from having a solid run game. At least if the OL was able to give enough time, Eli could compensate for lackluster rushing like he did during last SB run when Giants were near last in rushing. Concerned that OBJ is not attempting to accelerate into high gear to split defenders like he used to-he is concerned about injury??


    • nygunderground October 4, 2018 / 9:33 pm

      I heard Greg Cosell this am on a Carolina radio station. He did not rip Shurmur like I did. But implied. Barkley 10 carries in a close game? OL is makeshift. Greco and Wheeler. Giants are throwing short to compensate for crappy OL. And when they throw intermediate to deep routes. Eli has missed or defense has it covered.


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