OBJ Hits the Jackpot!

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Fat stacks for OBJ!

Finally, after over a year,  Giants star WR Odell Beckham Jr has signed a lucrative contract which will pay him 90 million dollars over 5 years.  Of the 90 million dollars, 56.5 million is guaranteed money, and an average salary of 18 million per year.  Wow!

As I have been stating on Twitter,

Because of market forces,  OBJ has gotten his money and will be a Giant until 2023,  but where are the Giants as a team?

As of yet, Beckham has not played a single preseason game. As a team the Giants did not play well versus the Jets in the important dress rehearsal game.  Meanwhile,  I believe the Giants and OBJ’s camp came to an agreement to avoid a media circus.  Both sides agreed not to rattle sabers and meet quietly to get an extension done.  Looking at this as an objective observer, the Giants blinked first.  This is a major win for Odell and his agent.  The Giants had the leverage because Beckham was their property.  If the Giants wanted to,  they could have franchised Odell next year and the following year.  By going the way of the franchise tag, the Giants could have saved cap space to make this team better.  But in the end, the Giants believed the best thing to do was get OBJ signed long-term.  Their belief is the Giants can win now.  Let us face it, he gets fans excited. Because of this Mara knows, they will come to MetLife Stadium in droves to watch him make plays. And with a very rich OBJ,  they think the Giants can get things turned around quickly.

After looking over the Jets game,  I am not as hopeful as the Giants’ brass.  The only bright spot was the special teams.  And with Tom Quinn in charge, Yikes! It is something ephemeral.

I am concerned about the concussion Giants TE Evan Engram suffered.  In double coverage, Eli Manning attempted to thread a needle, and in turn,  Engram got sandwiched and hit his head on the ground. 

Here is a potent weapon in the making who can help the Giants become a better team at scoring points.  Going back to 2016, the Giants have averaged 16 points per game for two consecutive seasons!   So with OBJ, Engram, Shepard, and Barkley, one would believe the Giants should improve in this area.  Engram’s concussion could hamper him the rest of this season as well as his career.  The hope is a speedy recovery and he does not have another one anytime soon.

Other observations:

The Giants traded G/C Brett Jones to the Vikings.  With the Giants offensive line a work in progress, this move does not make any sense.  From our Prophet:

OV:   On Sunday, Giants OLB Olivier Vernon was carted off the practice field.  Later we learn he suffered a high ankle sprain.  This is not good either.   Vernon, who has been a disappointed since signing his mega deal in 2016, has suffered a major setback.  Undoubtedly, he has not performed up to his contract.  And now with a high ankle sprain, this will set him back and the Giants defense.  He was supposed to be the Giants primary pass rusher.  They were counting on him to generate a pass rush.  I have not seen it the last two years.  Why would he be a superstar now?

Giants Pass defense?- Mark this down.  Bombs away.  The Giants LBs and Dbs are going to struggle for the majority of the season.  Thus far in preseason, teams have just touched the surface.  To attack this team, throw the ball and throw deep.  With Vernon out for an extended period of time,  the Giants will have to find help from other guys.  Because if other guys do not step up,  they are going to give up a lot of points.

Eli Manning:  A bright spot.  He looked comfortable.  Remember, the Jets do not have a formidable pass rush.  It was good to see Eli looking crisp.  Wait until, they play Jacksonville in week 1.  This will be the test.

The OL-  Show me something.  Even with a revamped offensive line, the Giants still struggled to run the football.  I wanted to see improvement in the Jets game and I did not see it.  Wait until, they play teams who have effective pass rushers,  this line will not hold up.  They have to find a way to open up holes for their running backs.  Observing tweets on my timeline, some people are down on RB Jonathan Stewart.  If one watched closely, there was no daylight.  Zilch!   Some fans are drinking Kool-Aid.   They believe OBJ and Barkley did not play.  This is the reason.  Bullbleep!   If the offensive line does not get going,  this is going to be another long and dismal season.  Let us hope, they make improvements and get going with a win vs Jacksonville in week 1.

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