Not off to a good start…Giants open up 2018 training camp

Written by: Glenn Warciski.

Sam Beal and Tom Quinn.

Beal, acquired through the supplemental draft last week, is out for the season. A freak injury to his shoulder will keep him out for the entire season. Why is this important?

Beal is a talented and raw player who would have added much needed depth in the secondary. Outside of Janoris Jenkins, the Giants do not have quality cover players in their secondary. As I commented on a previous post, Beal would have been developed by Bettcher and his staff in order to start in 2019. Now this process gets delayed because of the injury. I am confident he would have made positive strides this year learning how to play in the NFL. It is a shame he will not play this year.

Quinn: I was shocked to hear the Giants brought back special teams moron Tom Quinn. Here on the, we have chronicled Tom Quinn’s ineptness as special teams coordinator. Please check out the archives on our site and you will be flummoxed on why Quinn is still with the Giants. His track record is deplorable and with the new changes to special teams rules, I guarantee the Giants will continue to be at the bottom of special teams play.

How does a guy whose unit was last in the NFL in special teams get re-hired?

Although GM Dave Gettleman has made a lot of positive moves, in my opinion, he has fallen short on wholesale changes. Besides Reese and Ross being dismissed, not one scout has lost their job. A few figure heads lost their jobs but the rest of the infrastructure is the same. This Quinn re-hire is an abomination. I am waiting for a transcript about the reasoning for bringing back this bum. This move leaves a sour taste in my mouth. This is a harbinger for the same pathetic special teams play to continue.

Other observations:

Dave Gettleman is collecting linebackers.

Connor Barwin: This move put a smile on my face. Barwin is a proven veteran linebacker. who will pick up Bettcher’s system and play well. He is a very good tackler and will be able to help apply pressure on opposing quarterbacks. An uptick. He is getting long in the tooth but he is a quality player. It did not cost the Giants a fortune to acquire him so a much needed upgrade.

OBJ: This morning the Falcons announced Julio Jones will get what he wants. A new contract in 2019. It seems each day goes by and wide receivers around the NFL are getting paid. The only exception is OBJ. Odell, without question, is the most talented receiver in the NFL. So the Giants have not signed him to a long term deal? What is the hold up? Giants and OBJ’s camp are far apart on negotiations. As my colleague Alexander George pointed out, Barkley and not Beckham will be the face of the franchise going forward. Barkley has signed his contract and it is fully guaranteed. On the other hand, another salacious story about OBJ’s private life came to the forefront. The timing is interesting. My belief is someone in the Giants organization leaked this story. The purpose is to garner more support from the fan base. I am talking about the fan base who does not like Odell. This will fuel doubt about risking a long term deal with a player who has behaved inappropriately over the last four years. This is hogwash. The Giants are backed into a corner. The market and not perception is setting the payment structure for wide receivers. Unless the Giants do something soon, this will spiral out of control. This is not what the Giants want more back page shenanigans.

Stay tuned.

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