New York Giants Offically Sign the Entire 2018 Rookie Draft Class

by Alexander George

With the contractual signings of first round draft pick running back, Saquon Barkley, and fifth round defensive end, R.J. McIntosh, the New York Giants have completed all of the 2018 rookie contracts. Provided below are the details of each rookie contract.

First Round: (RB) Saquon Barkley – Penn State
– Signed on 7/22/18 : 4 years @ $31,321,752 including a signing bonus of $20,859,294 and a fifth year option.

Second Round (G) Will Hernandez – UTEP
– Signed on 5/11/18: 4 years @ $7,450,740 including a signing bonus of $3,498,720

Third Round (OLB) Lorenzo Carter – Georgia
– Signed on 5/10/18: 4 years @ $3,509,804 that includes a $1,049,804 signing bonus.

During his four years at Georgia, Lorenzo Carter had 166 tackles, 6 forced fumbles and recoveries, a pass defensed and scored a defensive touchdown in 48 games.

Third Round: (DE) B.J. Hill – North Carolina State
– Signed on 6/7/18: 4 years @ $4,047,880 including a $1,029,516 signing bonus.

Fourth Round: (QB) Kyle Lauletta- Richmond
– Signed on 5/11/18: 4 years @ $3,167,700 receiving a $707,700 signing bonus.

Fifth Round: (DE) R.J. McIntosh – Miami
– Signed on 7/22/18: 4 years @ $2,781,468.

Supplemental Draft Pick (CB) Sam Beal – Western Michigan
– Signed on 7/16/18: 4 years @ $4,082, 294 and receiving a bonus worth $1,048,940.

Based on the details of the rookie contracts listed above the following could be surmised.

Saquon Barkley will be the future franchise player for the New York Giants; not Odell Beckham Jr (OBJ). With the amount of money vested in Barkley, including an NFL record in recorded guaranteed money and signing bonuses attached to his contract, it seems less likely that OBJ will receive a long-term deal this season and will have the franchise tag placed on him in 2019. The organization does not particularly seem eager to rush signing OBJ to a huge contract extension as well after he missed 3/4 of last season due to a fractured ankle.

R.J. McIntosh is designated to be on the active/non-football illness list due to a thyroid condition. His contract features no guaranteed money thereby giving the Giants the ability to release him with a minimum amount of cap damage. Due to the nature of the illness, the organization does not feels that McIntosh may not last the term of his contract.

Unlike R.J. McIntosh, the New York Giants have a lot of faith in the supplemental draft pick of Sam Beal. Beal’s total contract is worth more than any of the other rookie draft picks except Saquon Barkley and Will Hernandez. The quick turnover in his signing, which happened within a day after he was drafted, further illustrates the belief that this Western Michigan cornerback will be present for years to come.

Rookie training camp starts today (7/23) and the rest of the team begins on Wednesday (7/25).

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