Giants Summer Roundup

Written by: Glenn Warciski


So far all quiet on the Giants front……. a few items to catch up on.  First, Ben Speaks.

Yes.  Former disgraced Giants head coach Ben McAdoo or McAclueless as I referred to him on the; threw some verbal grenades.   

McAdoo was interviewed by NY Post Giants beat writer Paul Schwartz.  In Schwartz’s piece,  McAdoo was very chatty about newly acquired Giants Tackle Nate Solder, embattled tackle Ereck “Trainwreck” Flowers, and the center position which has Brett Jones and Jon Halapio.  McAclueless is concerned the Giants left Halapio on the roster.

What was not said?

He did not talk about Eli Manning.  He did not talk about any of the drafts he presided over in 2016 and 2017.  He did not talk about Jerry Reese.  If one reads between the lines, McAdoo’s zingers are directed at former general manager Jerry Reese.  Since the aftermath of the despicable 2017 season, McAdoo has taken more of a beating than Reese.  It is McAdoo who has gotten the ire of Giants fans.  So he finally comes out of a seclusion to air some of his thoughts about Reese’s behavior as general manager.

The Solder remark can be decoded as you cannot build a team around free agency.  Since 2014,  Reese has used free agency to cover up his abysmal drafts.  Solder who the Giants made the highest paid tackle in the NFL has never been an All-PRO.  So how did the Giants justify overpaying for Solder?  Well.  The answer is Jerry Reese.  With Solder, the Giants have a major upgrade over Flowers.  Will Solder be a game changer?  We will find out.

McAdoo eviscerated Flowers.  This is nothing new.  Flowers was a horrible selection by Reese.  And the Giants are paying for Reese’s stupidity.  Going back to 2015,  McAdoo knew the Giants offensive line was shit.  In his second year as offensive coordinator,   he made sure Eli was getting rid of the ball quickly in order for the Giants offense to be successful.  More importantly, having  Eli take quick drops and using shot-gun formation more frequently prevented him from getting injured.  Indeed like the Solder comment,   Ben’s remarks about Flowers is a slap in Reese’s face.

As for the center position,  when McAdoo was in charge of the offense in 2014, do you recall the starting center for the Giants?   J. D. Walton.   Yes. this piece of garbage who Reese picked up off the scrap heap.  Walton, a journeyman player,  was a joke as center.  McAdoo’s comments about the center position now means:  They did not have a quality center in 2014 and in 2018 they still do not have a quality center.

Touche Reese.

Giants find more depth  in the secondary.

The Giants used the supplemental draft in order to acquire more talent in the feckless secondary.  Sam Beal, a cornerback from Western Michigan, was drafted by the Giants.  In exchange for Beal, the Giants surrendered a third round draft choice.   Was it worth it?

Well, considering the Giants do not have much talent in their secondary.  This move was about the future.  Beal is a player who defensive coordinator James Bettcher can develop.  It is my belief, he is going to be a starter in 2019.

Giants Horror Story

William Jenkins, brother of Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins,  was charged with manslaughter in the death of Roosevelt Rene.  The charge of manslaughter was announced June 27th.  Although Janoris was not at his home when this mysterious crime was committed,  he did not speak publicly about the incident until July 5th.  Right now, Janoris is being shielded by his attorneys.  At this point,  we do not know what he knew about the murder.  How is his mental state?  A good friend was murdered in his residence by his brother.  How is this going to affect him as training camp opens soon?  Jenkins is the best cover guy in the Giants secondary.  Without him mentally at 100 percent, how will he play in 2018?  More questions than answers.

Aside:  I wanted to thank Alexander George for providing top-notch articles while I have been away.  Thank you.  Alex.





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