Gettleman Effect – NYG 18, Washington 10

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Credit Gettleman. The Giants defeated the Redskins 18-10 because they have a new sheriff in town. Last Thursday, in order to quell the discord surrounding the Giants-Eli Apple gotta-take-a-shit fiasco, and the Landon Collins cancer comment when referring to Eli Apple, the Giants announced they had hired their man. What Mara did was copying something Don Draper would do. Draper, a fictional advertising executive on the television show Mad Men, had the philosophy that if you do not like what is being said, change the conversation. Indeed, Mara did this, and the focus shifted from a dysfunctional team to a new day in Giants’ history.

The following day, Gettleman was introduced to the media and fans and right away, he came across as an affable executive. He provided red meat to rabid Giants’ fans who want wholesale changes. He exclaimed, “I am going to kick ass”. Within 24 hours of his job, this is what he did. Out was Marc Ross. Ross was Jerry Reese’s right-hand man. Ross’s title was player evaluation. As we have written here on the NYGunderground, Reese, along with his minions, and Ross are responsible for this current mess. So Ross is out. Amen.

In addition, Gettleman stated in his presser that he is a film watcher. Most likely, after watching film on RT Bobby Hart, Gettleman threw up. As a result, Hart was cut. Gettleman has made it clear he is not going to tolerate a lack of effort and poor performance. Within 48 hours, he put the entire organization on notice. Without a doubt, he has lit a fire under everyone’s ass.

This fire translated onto the playing field. In front of an empty stadium, the Giants played valiantly as they defeated the Redskins. With this win, the team snapped a five-game losing streak, improving its record to 3-13.

As of yesterday, Gettleman announced all Giants assistant coaches are free to look for other jobs. The purge continues. Gettleman is not messing around.

So what is next? The Giants are beginning the process of hiring a new head coach. Already Patriots’ assistant coaches are slated to be interviewed. Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia are first on Gettleman’s list of potential candidates.

Of all the possible prospective coaches mentioned, Matt Patricia is our favorite. Paul is working on a post that he will put on the blog shortly.

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