Giants Fire Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese!

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Giants owner John Mara could not take it anymore! After a 2-10 record and the mishandling of the Eli Manning benching, Giants owner John Mara protected his brand by jettisoning head coach Ben McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese.

Giants fans outrage was the tipping point for the firings. It is my belief,  John Mara did not want a repeat of what his father endured during the late 1970s. Remember, Giants fans disgusted and exasperated about 15 straight years of lousy football. They were so disgusted, they flew a plane over Giants Stadium to make a point. The Giants organization was in chaos, and Giants fans could not take it anymore. Enough was enough. As a result of the fan revolt, this led Wellington Mara to finally make changes with help from NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. George Young was installed as GM, and the rest is history.

Speaking of Giants fans fervor, the Giants fans of today were planning protests. Former Giants players were going to wear Eli Manning jerseys in order to show support for the best quarterback in franchise history. Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers called the benching of Eli “pathetic.” Former Giants WR Plaxico Burress is quoted as saying “the Giants did Eli dirty.” Even Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio said, “Eli Manning is the better quarterback. We were glad the Giants chose to do it.” As a Giants fan, how do you get under Mara’s skin? One of the Giant fans who orchestrated the fly over Giants Stadium,Peter Valentine, had met with a prominent member of the media not long before who had urged him: “If you want to hurt Wellington Mara, hurt his feelings. Embarrass him.”  

Needless to say,  John Mara did not want to be embarrassed by seeing an empty MetLife Stadium with opposing teams fans takeover the stadium. His pride and a lot of money were at stake. Therefore, changes had to be made today.  Mara had to mollify his fan base  by getting rid of the worst head coach in Giants history as well as general manager  Jerry Reese who choked the life out of this once proud franchise. A new day has begun in Giants history, and we are excited.

Other Observations:

Here is the John Mara presser on the firings of Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese:

Our editor Jaiden Everett’s trenchant remarks:



Mara focused on the pitiful 2-10 record, and not the Eli Manning public relations nightmare.



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