Turkey Night Throw Up-Washington 20 NYG 10

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Retch and Wretched.

These two words sum up the Giants performance on Thanksgiving night versus the Redskins. With this abysmal loss, the Giants once again hit a new low. The team is 2-9 overall, 0-3 in the NFC East and 0-8 in the NFC.

The Retch– The Giants’ offense. Three points scored. A total of seven first downs (only one in the second half). Two for 14 on 3rd-down conversions. This is a 14 percent conversion rate. Retch! This supposedly high-powered McAdoo offense amassed 170 total yards. Because of the inertia offense, Brad Wing punted an astounding NINE times.

The Wretched– Eli Manning. Eli Manning played like Jerry Golsteyn. Yes. Jerry Golsteyn. Who is Jerry Golsteyn?

From the NY Times circa 1977: The first thing that Jerry Golsteyn did as a starting quarterback in the National Football League was hand the ball off to Doug Kotar, and watch as Kotar headed out around right end. The second thing Golsteyn did was notice that Kotar, having found no daylight on the right side, was heading back to the left side. So, the third thing Golsteyn did was pick out a Washington Redskin and throw himself at that Redskin’s feet.

Golsteyn, an unremarkable Giants quarterback, played for the Giants during the “Dark Times” of 1977-1978. Since I am comparing perhaps the best quarterback in Giants history, Eli Manning, to Jerry Golsteyn, undoubtedly, Manning has regressed to a JAG. (Just Another Guy) player. His line score resembles a quarterback in his last throes as a starter in the NFL.

Manning was 13 of 27 for 113 yards with no touchdowns and one late interception. His longest pass completion was 27 yards to Tavarres King. Let’s face the facts: the Redskins do not have a formidable defense. For Manning to play so poorly against the Redskins, it is time to make a change at quarterback. The Giants must play rookie Davis Webb versus the Raiders on December 3rd. Not convinced? His overthrown pass to open receiver RB Shane Vereen in the second quarter cost the Giants a touchdown. Instead, the Giants had to settle for a FG.

McAdoo. What goes on in the offensive meetings during the week? This so-called offensive genius cannot figure out how to get the Giants in the end zone. The Giants have scored 10 points or fewer FOUR times. Their highest point total this year was 24 in a loss to the Eagles.

Why did he refuse to give RT Chad Wheeler help? Wheeler allowed three of the four sacks in this game. McAdoo failed to see this was a problem, which was another indictment on how clueless this guy is as a head coach. What about Sullivan? Do these guys communicate on how to protect Manning?

With all of the ineptness and incompetence on the offensive side of the ball, the Giants defense, along with the Redskins warts, kept this game close. Giants defensive back Janoris Jenkins made the play of the game by intercepting a pass and returning it 52 yards for a touchdown to tie the game at 10. For a guy who quit two weeks ago, Jenkins and his Giants defensive teammates showed up to play. Even JPP and Vernon made plays to keep their team in this wretched game.

The turning point was the defensive holding call on Ross Cockrell. This penalty allowed the Redskins to maintain their drive and eventually score the go ahead touchdown, which gave the Redskins the lead for good at 17-10.

Other Observations:

This 2017 Giants squad has scored a paltry 172 points. The franchise low is 170 in 1976. Other underwhelming years: 181 points scored in 1977. Yes, this was a year Golsteyn played.

Rookie Giants TE Evan Engram dropped three passes.

The Giants’ defense recorded three sacks. Rookie DT Dalvin Tomlinson recorded his first NFL sack.

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