NYG 12, KC 9 – Giants Squeak Past Chiefs in OT

Written by: Paul Burke

The Giants had many off-the-field and in-house therapy sessions this past week. The team meetings of “brutal honesty” and defensive-unit players only were the centerpieces.

Mara gave his confidence in McAdoo’s spin. Jobs were on the line, and reputations were under the microscope. This was not a revelation, but a sign of poor management – and perhaps arrogance – before the season commenced.  It’s not only on McAdoo but also the front office to guide a sophomore coach in the direction toward success. A front office must have a pulse on the chemistry and cohesiveness of an organization. McAdoo is not off the hook, but it is an organizational issue. This organization is very disjointed. Remember, there was tension between TC and Reese. There was never really any synergy on drafting, nor a system. Hence, poor management.

On to the game that transpired. Personally, I was not really surprised. The wind certainly dictated the playcalling and game plan orientation. But there was the Andy Reid factor.  How many years have Giant fans witnessed Reid and his team just falter down the stretch? His teams have streaks of greatness but never finish. He’s always piled up wins but never gets over the hump. His playcalling and game management at critical times has consistently been his own undoing.

The Gmen showed up to play, and that is no more evident than on the defensive side.  They played sound, fundamental-assignment football that we saw last year. Even JPP was sighted on the field for a few series. Collins was the Collins of 2016. They kept a team with an inept offense in the game, much like what we saw last year. Yes, the Chiefs had their moments of playing like the Gmen O in untimely penalties, but the D made the plays at the right time, to their credit.

The ultimate Reid arrogant playcall was in Giants’ territory in the 4th quarter. It was a trick play with Kelce throwing that resulted in a Jenkins’ pick.  Down and distance, weather, game situation, proximity of score all led to the stupidity of the playcall. Sometimes, there is a limit to creativity in playcalling, and that was a shining example.

On offense, the wind was a factor as stated above, but the dropped passes were a plague.  No, Eli wasn’t a sharpshooter, but the simple dumpoffs were not even executed. The RBs missed numerous flares and screens that would have prevented an OT. That was emphasized by the numerous penalties at the worst possible times in the 3rd and 4th quarter. The Wheeler and Fluker combination provided most of the running hole. The OL is actually becoming more and more adequate by game, but maybe more exceptional by NFL standards (that’s IMO).

What can we expect from here? The Chiefs are not a great team and exemplify a very poor AFC West. Although they were not world beaters by any stretch of the imagination, as it was a poorly played game by both teams, they have proved enough today to show they will win a few more games down the stretch. It’s really hard to admit this, but what is the point? No playoffs on the horizon, the franchise QB is in the twilight of his career, the GM has very poor track record of middle round picks (depth), no true identity and being very late to the table to address team dysfunction.

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