Prophet’s Pulpit – KC vs. NYG Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants have suffered worst losses than the one at the hands of the 49ers last Sunday. The 44-3 loss to the 49ers in 1993 in the divisional playoffs and the 34-7 loss to the Ravens in Super Bowl 35 are just two examples. There are certainly many more that can be mentioned, but I have never seen a game in my over 50 years of watching the Giants (I started at age seven) that there was less effort put forth.

Except for Vernon, Eli, Shepard and a few others, you can count on your hands the players who tried. This is a major indictment on McAdoo, who has totally lost the team. Hopefully, he sealed his demise and that of Jerry “Reach,” who has more lives than 1,000 cats. His middle name surely is “Teflon.”

The defense looked invisible and gave up huge, major chunk plays! On the 33-yard Breda touchdown run, he knifed through the defense and was not touched by Collins until he reached the end zone. On the 47-yard touchdown by TE Celek, Casillas was trotting at half speed, and Jenkins just missed him as if he couldn’t be bothered. I’ll have to look at his cap situation as he got a good signing bonus. They may be able to cut him without a ton of dead money. Jenkins has to go! He’s a cancer with his attitude. Jenkins also let Goodwin get behind him for an 83-yard bomb. So, that’s 163 yards on three plays. They were making an inexperienced C.J. Beathard look like Marino or Montana.

You have to take a step back and remind yourself that the Giants were playing an 0-9 team that had a ton of injuries, with at least 20 players on IR. This game was a disgrace for the Giants. They gave up 447 total yards. The third-down efficiency for the 49ers was 66%. The average gain per passing play was 11.5 yards. The $200M+ free agent Giants’ defense never sacked Beathard!!! I could go on, but let’s look at the Chiefs.

The Giants game plan should be to rush the ball with mainly Darkwa (67%) and Gallman (33%). They need to keep the high-powered Chiefs’ offense off the field. The Chiefs’ defense has been vulnerable since they lost Berry early in the year. They give up 259 yards per game through the air and 131 yards on the ground. Eli can also have some success. We have just learned today that Sheppard is questionable because of an illness. He and Engram are the only hope the Giants have to do some damage along with Darkwa. If he is out, the annihilation will be worse than expected. The Chiefs do not move Peters, so the Giants need to keep Shepard and Engram away from him by moving them around.

The Chiefs want to establish the run with Hunt then set up some play action and take some shots. Kelce will have a field day versus the Giants, who have set an NFL record by allowing a TE to score a touchdown against them in 10 consecutive games. This will be 11! It does not matter if the starter is there or not. The backup Celek scored last week. Even Ebron from the Lions came back from the dead like Lazarus and caught a TD versus the Giants. Kelce should have 120+ yards and 2 TDs.

Hill will be a joker. I would move him around and get him on a wheel route versus Jenkins, who has given up. I would take the long shot all day with him. If Goodwin got behind Jenkins, then Hill certainly can. I would even use him on reverses. He is the best return man in the league. Hunt’s numbers have come down from his torrid start. Don’t worry, Chiefs’ fans! He will see plenty of action with West to close out the game, running the clock down, starting halfway through the third quarter.

I am calling this a 45 to 22 Kansas City win. The Vegas line is the Chiefs favored by 10. It should be at least 14 and would be more if the Chiefs were at home. They will dominate and be ahead 45-14, and the Giants will get a garbage time TD and make the two-point conversion. They got a late TD last week to make that game look much better than it was.

Here’s to 1-15 and the second draft pick. #FireJerry #Fire McAdoo

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