Whispers from 1997-Reese and McAdoo Put On Notice

Written by: Motown Blue

It won’t be long until the D unit starts an open revolt on the sidelines and in the locker room. Remember back when Fassel took over as the genius OC to a dysfunctional O that had the D unit literally fighting with their own O unit? Is McAdoo another O genius in a long line of O geniuses who failed to transition to HC? Remember Don Coryell along with Fassel mentioned above. How frustrating can it be for a talented D to hold on to a ledge for four quarters to keep a team with an exceptional OL to 19 points with zero help from their O? They were gassed at the end of the first half.

Go ahead and just copy and paste any post from the 2016 regular season as it is Groundhog Day for the 2017 Giants. Who on the Cowboys’ defense really scares you? Lawrence had one sack last year and now has doubled his production. Was the defensive scheme by the Cowboys creative and confusing? No. They used simple twists and stunts to beat a high-school OL on the right side. Do the Cowboys have a shut-down corner? I am sorry, but OBJ is not the answer to this mess.

They couldn’t muster over 20 points last season, and they won’t this season because an aging, immobile QB doesn’t even have the time to light a cigarette behind that OL. Reese and McAdoo were extremely delusional to believe that this OL group was going to make the magic leap to just basic competence. We were sold that Flowers and Hart were putting in the hard work this offseason to make the leap. Somewhere, they tripped when they made that leap. Reese, what do you see in John Jerry that many of us clearly DO NOT? Many laud Pugh as a top-tier level OL. We do not. The fact that he was picked at 19 in the draft as an OT and converted to a G says a lot.

McAdoo, you now have a three-siren alarm going off. It will quickly spiral out of control unless you make some major significant changes to that OL. It will take more than just a shift in personnel. Dink and dunks are not going to dig you out of this hole. Constantly targeting Vereen is a good way to keep your offense to under 10 points per game.

We can praise and laud the defense all we want. They deserve it, but it is futile to expect them to carry this team for 15+ more games. They found themselves a MLB for the future. Jackrabbit played his ass off for what? He should be the first to openly revolt. That DL did its job versus Elliott, and it is remarkable that he didn’t run for over 200 yards, given the amount of time that D was on the field.

McAddoo and Reese are officially on the clock. That clock is ticking very loudly out of East Rutherford.

Please visit the link below to remind those why we visit sites like NYGunderground.

Game Review: Dallas Cowboys 19, New York Giants 3

We here at NYGunderground do not sugar coat our analysis. We do not choose to avoid the reality. We do not choose to seek out facts that support a narrative one way or another. We provide the data and facts for what they are: data and facts.

There are many sites out there that are nothing more than ownership marketing tools. Local beat writers and national writers are predominately just that. That is how they provide for their livelihood. That is why it is refreshing to read the Paul Schwartz opinion from Geoff Schwartz on the reality of the OL.

Ex-Giants Lineman Unloads: What Did They Think Would Happen?

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