My Thoughts on OBJ and Giants

Written by: Peter Furman

Why  don’t the Giants trade OBJ?  If they did, they could get a lot of talent where they need it and remove a cancer from the team. Beckham reminds me of Terrell Owens. The guy had tons of talent, but NO team was better or won the Super Bowl with him on it. This is why he played for so many and why he is bankrupt now.

OBJ has enormous skill, but he causes dissention and trouble the Giants don’t need. The “boat fiasco,” punching walls, the penalties, the fact he skipped the OTAs and the shit-awful performance in the playoffs plus his attitude and his need for attention reminds me of Owens, similar to Dez Bryant and others who had/have enormous talent but have yet to win anything. Look who he is surrounding himself with: Cris Carter. Remember, Carter got exposed for telling young players to find their “fall guy.”

But, sports is a business. Giants fans love OBJ because he is an exciting, fiery player who ignites the brand. Management is just being expedient. They enable OBJ and tolerate his antics because it sells jerseys and brings people into the stadium. Mara and company are more concerned about the cash flow than the bad PR.

The Giants’ organization with Reese has ignored the OL and LB positions along with the running game, and it shows. While Dallas was building a great offensive line by drafting Elliott and Prescott, the Giants drafted a receiving tight end who cannot block when they should have gone for the guy from Alabama. They signed JPP for $16.5 million a year. They should have traded him while he still had some value. He blew his hand off and has been a problem for years. IMO, he won’t make it through a season but will still get paid. The reality is he had one enormous year but is prone to injury and is a “head case” who will NEVER be able to stay healthy. He has/will become another example of the stupid, incompetent Reese who has destroyed the Giants with his failures in free agency. He signed Canty, Bernard and Boley who crippled the salary cap for years. The team now has five QBs, and Eli is just about done. Imagine if Eli gets hurt! Spagnuolo got them to the playoffs as he did in 2007. His unique defense with the right horses was the difference. They still averaged only 16 points a game. Sixteen points a game!! With all the money spent, they still had no offense, and the draft won’t help. It sucks! I hope I am wrong!

This ties in with more Giants players considering skipping OTAs in the future. Here we have a bunch of men making outrageous sums of money for playing a game. The fact that people support this madness is the State Of The Union today! I for one resent the attitudes of these divas as I am the product of a different generation where players adhered to the rules, listened to the organization and the coaches (whether they agreed with them or not). This was defined as discipline. It made a team a cohesive unit, created respect for the game they played and allowed them to love the game more than money. By knowing and accepting the rules, this discipline was invaluable to the team and for the individual players in the game of life.

Those who did not play by the rules in high school, college and on the professional level were punished for breaking rules. This included ignoring the coaches, talking out of order, breaking curfew, drinking and other acts they knew they would get them into trouble. They had their salaries withheld, they were benched and forced to run laps until they dropped. Some were also cut or traded, which more often than not brought dissension, distraction and defiance of the owners who paid them, the coaches who taught and trained them and the fans who cheered for them. These players are a cancer left to metastasize destroying the game and the team.

Who am I to criticize these ingrates? They are overpaid, greedy canker sores that think they are better and above those who teach them, pay them and too often “kiss their asses.” This has turned the game into a theatre for spoiled brats as opposed to people our kids can look up to.

I played the game throughout college and then was a game scout for the Raiders in L.A. and Oakland. You may think what you will, but my opinion is hard earned and based on my life. Have OBJ, ”Snacks” or any of the “NEW” breed ever won anything? Has Eli ever violated the code? I rest my case.

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