Sifting through the Noise- My Thoughts on Giants Draft

Written by: Motown Blue

Some takeaways: The team appears to be frustrated with Eli, and the pick of Webb is about the future. The fact they tried to to trade up for Mahomes further confirms the likely truth behind that. If they had been able to coordinate that trade, it would have set them back by at least five years. I question McAdoo as it appears he seems arrogant about his evaluation of QBs to the point that they tried to trade up for him.

Apparently, they place their own players on the board as a measurement of whether to draft someone. They didn’t see the value of the OL that was on the board versus their own players. I am sorry, but they obviously need to re-think their evaluation of OL, considering how crappy they have been for the last two-plus years.

The Giants still have glaring holes on the roster outside of the obvious with OL. They struggled to cover a TE and the middle of the field. Who on their roster will do that? The LBs are very average, to be polite. We saw what happened when DRC went down versus GB. They lost Sensabaugh, Wade and Hall. Where is the CB depth? Tomlinson has an injury track record. Are they comfortable he will make it through a 16+ game schedule? They have one legitimate blocking TE on the roster. What happens if Ellison goes down?

There is still time between now and September to improve the roster, especially in the trenches, but it gets a lot harder now. The players that get cut are cut for a reason. The play of OL in the NFL has deteriorated in the last five years. Most teams will hold on to players that can actually block. Overall, I don’t see much improvement outside of some new toys on O but again, if your QB is too busy avoiding getting killed, then they are useless. Your hope is that Solari pulls off the greatest coaching year of his career.

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