Thoughts on Giants & Hernandez

Written by: Peter Furman and Motown Blue

Yes, there are four quality tight ends in this draft who can catch and block:

Alabama- OJ Howard

University of Miami -David Njoku

Ole Miss- Evan Engram

South Alabama-Gerald Everett

The Giants sadly draft late, but they have those aforementioned outstanding guys at TE and also at LB; however, Reese has an aversion to drafting linebackers in the first round.  They need to replace DT Jonathan Hankins, but that will be hard if not impossible in this draft. I would argue that the draft is very thin again and have questions about the DBs,  since most of them come from the Big 10 and have no really good QBs to test anyone.

The kid from Texas A&M, Myles Garrett,  is the best prospect to come out in a very long time. He was dominant, and the team was 10-3 when he played. His stats and his showing at the combine were both off the charts. There were some quality linebackers too, and if they are ever going to get a good one, this is a good year to try. I don’t see more than 10 or 20 who can help anyone. We saw Washington, which does have some decent players, get blown up by Alabama. Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson, who was a high-school phenom here in Georgia, is a very gifted and smart athlete, but the day of the scrambler is long past. Scramblers are targets now. Think RG3.

The wideouts, if you watched many games, are mostly questionable at best. Western Michigan? A very good team, but who did they play? When they came up against the “big boys,” they got hammered despite having a couple of talented guys. Will they change anything? Maybe for the teams that really suck, a list that grows each year. If you paid attention to college football, the quality of teams was mostly putrid. Clemson won by less than a touchdown seven times. Alabama was good sometimes, but the team’s sloppiness and lack of experience with quality opponents was made clear in the championship game.

I do like Howard at TE. If the Giants were smart, they would do almost anything to land him, but the Giants never trade up and are outmaneuvered every year, which is why they spent $200 million in free agency.  The Giants signed JPP,  and I bet he gets injured and shows his attitude, which is a total waste at $15 million plus. They should have traded him while they could and landed a  high draft pick and saved the money to spend more productively, but then they would not be the Giants. How much will Hankins loss hurt? A lot versus the run game. He and Snacks were a dynamic duo on stopping the run. Hankins signing with the Colts was painful. Stay tuned for more.

I’ve been pondering the Aaron Hernandez suicide. Most everyone I came across today had a reaction of good riddance, etc. It’s deeper than that, and people miss it.

All of his life, his behavior was enabled. In high school, adults covered for him because of his talent on the football field. Myer overlooked it when he recruited him to Florida. He and the program covered up for him in Tallahassee. The Patriots still drafted him.

Obviously, they hired people to watch him. Don’t tell me the Patriots didn’t know about the bad stuff he was involved with with as well as the crowd he hung with. They then handed him a five-year, 40-million dollar contract while being fully aware of his lifestyle. Asshole Kraft is full of shit saying he was hoodwinked by Hernandez. All of his life, Hernandez was enabled and created a monster because he believed there were no consequences for his actions. He was an inevitable worst case scenario of the culture of the NFL and the business of football. There are many cases of horrible behavior that were enabled through willful ignorance.

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