Playoff Preview-Giants vs Packers


Written by: Motown Blue

Playoff Fever here on the New York Giants Underground.

The first 15 minutes is on the offense to control the ball AND whether we have playoff Eli.  Green Bay’s priority is a fast start and force the Giants into what they dealt with vs Eagles in having Eli throw 60+ passes. It is a copycat league and Schwartz was spot on with his game plan in week 16.

On Offense, we have brought up the OBJ effect.  Foxworth’s all 22 pretty much confirms the BIAS (  So how do we balance and atone?  Run and middle of the field attack.  The Giants have improved upon the run game in the last several weeks.  Perkins is a huge factor but Jennings benefits from it as well.  We all want Perkins to run it all 30-40 times in a game but that is not reality.  Packers are rated as the 8th best team in run defense yet they have in the last 5 of 6 games allowed 4.5 yards per carry on average.  In their last game they had a FB who ran for 60 yards in the 1st half.  Last week we discussed the success of the pass defense attacking the middle of the field.  This graphic stat shows (PFF: “The most passing yards allowed by NFL teams by area of the field.”)
the weakness of the Packers defense. This is a priority with Shepard and Beckham on slants, holes on zone coverage and Perkins with flares.  Bottom line they should have plenty of opportunities for “balance” that they have preached all season. They have opportunities for execution that they proclaimed to have lacked all season.
On defense it is all about containing Rodgers.  JJ was quoted about following his receiver to the bathroom and others states they cannot bite on his pump fakes.  The edges have to play discipline in containing Rodgers from rolling out.  Rodgers wants to role out to his right as natural.  His RT is one of the best in Baluga.  They also love to run to his side; especially with Montgomery a runner built to run wide (  Expect the Giants to be physical tackling and try to take advantage of ball security.  Reviewing all 22 we noticed that Seahawks were at a disadvantage playing off coverage vs Packers in their week 13 match up.  A review on week 11 match up vs Redskins showed different results.  Washington was more physical and aggressive.  It disrupted the timing and progression options.  In our opinion the Giants must press, play aggressive on receivers, contain the edges physically on the line and rely on the interior pressure via Hanks, Snacks, blitzes or stunts to get the media favorite off his high pedestal.

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