Motown’s Musing-After Thoughts about the Giants

Written by: Motown Blue

The Giants defense terrorized Cousins and it showed as he appeared rattled. He was quick with his progressions and missed some open receivers. The game clinching pick by DRC he flinched when Kennard tried to grab him while blocked and then rushed his throw. I did notice that Skins had more success throwing when JJ was on the bench in 2nd half. He is officially a true lock down corner and he HAS to stay healthy for the D to remain dominant. He allows Spags to rummage through his tool box and get aggressive with blitz packages.

I can’t say enough about what a difference there is when Perkins is running the ball. He has not only a MUCH quicker step but plays with some physicality that I didn’t see at UCLA. He makes the OL look better. Jennings, when he was in on 2 possessions in the 3rd quarter, showed why they need to rely on Perkins. Yes, McAdoo got conservative in the 2nd half but instead of 3-5 yards you get 2 yards with Jennings. Why can we not see more flares and screens? Several times on 3rd and short we see edge runs instead of screens etc.

This was my take on Perkins the day he was drafted:

Personally Paul Perkins is my favorite pick in their draft. Being an alumni of a Pac-12 school I did get the chance of watching him on a number of occasions. He will never be known as a thumper and goal line back. He is extremely quick and agile on his feet even going at full speed. The last 2-3 seasons it has been frustrating watching their running game. He brings a skill that none of the RBs currently posses. But the best aspect of his game may be in the passing game where he had experience with at UCLA. McAdoo will have plenty of options with Perkins. Expect him to be used a bit on screens and RB flares .

In the passing game they have MUCH more success in the middle of the field. The only TD drive they attacked the middle of the field with great success. The intentional grounding flub by Eli on 2nd and goal in their 2nd possession of the game the routes were very questionable. All were out routes with Cruz running underneath the LBs. The whole back middle of the end zone was open.

The OL play was okay but again had their issues that killed or hampered drives. Newhouse had a hold that negated a 1st down for Shepard and Flowers had a hold in the 3rd quarter that essentially gave them no chance to sustain a drive. We all certainly would love to see one clean game from either tackle spots. That in it self would only help an often invisible offense as it is. This brings up one of the biggest elephants in the room next Sunday in Lambeau. They MUST figure a way to provide Flowers with help vs. Clay Matthews or Eli will be eating frozen turf early and often. I see now way how he handles that quick first step of Matthews based on how he has looked vs. quick DEs all season.

Bottom line moving forward they need to get more from their QB. He was average on Sunday and was lucky to not have a couple picked off. The throw to King on the drive that led to the go ahead FG was reminiscent of the Manningham throw in 2011 vs. Pats. Those are the things they need from Eli on a more consistent basis. It would also go a long way if his HC would start utilizing his now #1 running back, Perkins, in the passing game. Not 1 screen was used with Perkins yesterday and it would be criminal if they do not use him in the screen packages next Sunday. They have their success in the passing game attacking the middle of the field. Perkins is ideal for this.


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