Prophet’s Pulpit- NYG vs Washington

Written by: Tony “The Prophet”

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all! Well the Giants lost last week and still made the playoffs.

Last week’s game was over at halftime. The Giants offense finally came to life against a Philly D that cannot stop the pass. The Gmen had 470 yards on 88 plays. Eli had 63 passing attempts which is a Giants record. The only problem is that the bad Eli showed up for this game and threw 3 picks and that was the difference in the game. The other factor was the horrific officiating that has plagued the NFL all year. The phantom roughing the passer, and 2 pass interference non calls really hurt especially the one at the end of the game on Sheppard.
Looking forward, the only way that the Giants will be successful will be to win with the defense. The defense sans JPP is doing great. They just need to get back Jenoris Jenkins in time for the playoffs. The defense has only allowed 24 offensive TD’s in 15 games. That is the best in the NFL. The defense is also number one in the red zone. They have only allowed 4.42 points in goal to goal situations. On goal to goal situations also, the Giants have only allowed 47% touchdowns. Both marks are the best in the NFL.
The problem for the Giants is as follows and other NFL teams are acutely aware of them. First, The Giants have not been able to run the ball this year with the exception of maybe 3 games. The Giants never have enough OL depth for when the starters go down. They do lose up to 3 starters every year for 5 games or longer. They brought in Flowers to be a RT but when Beatty went out for the year last year, they moved him to LT. You can see he is struggling in his second year there. Pugh has missed 5 games this year and so has Newhouse. Replacement Bobby Hart has been a turn style, enough said about the OL, I could go on forever. Second, The Giants have not been able to overcome the 2 high safety defense that every team plays against them. Prior to the Philly game Eli had thrown for about only 200 yards/week for the past 4 weeks and has less than 4000 yards passing for the year. The Giants are not scoring, averaging 15 points a game for the last four games. They have not scored 30 points in a single game this year. Thirdly, the Giants do not have an effective tight end. Eli would love to have an effective weapon to cut loose over the middle with the 2 high safety look but they have none. Donnell has been benched and played 1 play in the Pittsburgh game and Eli threw a pick. Tye is a 5 yard catch and fall player.
So looking ahead to this week’s game all you need to know is that if the Redskins win they are basically in the playoffs and the Giants are locked in at the number 5 playoff spot. The Giants will probably play their starters for a half. Beckham needs 4 catches to achieve 100 catches this year. He also needs 86 yards to break Randy Moss’ record of 4163 yards for anyone in their first 3 years in the league. So Beckham may play more than the first half.
The Redskins have been playing well. Cousins has earned a long term starting QB contract. They have 43 pass plays this yard of 20 yards or more this year. DeSean Jackson has been killing the Giants since his Philly days. He had a 44 yard TD in the first game as well as a 31 yard catch. Crowder had a 50 yard punt return and a 55 yard TD catch in the first meeting. Reed may be out for this one, but Davis can beat the Giants over the middle where they are most vulnerable. It is up to the good Giants D to stop them.
For the Giants to win the Defense will need to limit the big plays they give up. When the Gmen have the ball they will be looking to pass. They will be looking to get Beckham his numbers but they need to also get Sheppard involved and Paul Perkins as he is pushing his way past Jennings. He just needs to improve his pass blocking. The Giants are basically looking to not get anyone hurt, and the Redskins are looking to cement a playoff berth, who do you think will win? The Giants have little motivation in this one. I say it will be Washington at home. I am calling this one Washington 27 to the Giants 17 points. It is forward to the playoffs, where the Giants have not been for 5 years and the second time in 9 years.

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