Good Times are here again, but it is up to Eli Manning.

Written by: Motown Blue

Many of us prior to the start of the season had more lofty expectations from the collective talent on the offensive side of the ball. The last 2 seasons Eli and the offense put up some decent to very good offensive numbers, including averaging in the mid to high 20s in points per game over the previous 2 seasons. This year is a woeful 19.4.

Every season there is turnover to the roster with some years being greater than others. The one constant has been the presence of Eli Manning. He is the engine that drives a significant part of the offense. We can discuss how Paul Perkins is utilized, formations, usage of certain packages of plays etc. but the one constant in every year since 2004 is Eli.

This season has not been one of his finest, yet it has not been one of his worst. As a matter of fact since 2007 it has been an average season for him statistically.

Average TD/INT ratio since 2007: 26.5/17.1

Average QB Rating since 2007: 86.02

Average Completion ratio since 2007: 60.93%

2016 TD/INT ratio: 26/16

2016 QB Rating: 86.2

2016 Completion ratio: 63%

We have seen how teams have utilized 2 high safeties to take away the deep ball and force the Giants to rely on short to intermediate. These numbers are pretty revealing as when he throws it over 21 yards he has amassed 13 of his 16 interceptions. But in addition to the coverage this can also be attributed to the shaky OL protection and poor decision making by Eli as a result.

The numbers that are most concerning are the number of interceptions he has thrown in the 4th quarter. He has thrown 9 of his 16 interceptions in the 4th quarter alone. That trend will not win many games in the playoffs.

Historically, December has been one of his worst months statistically. Since 2007 he has had a negative or even TD/INT ratio. In 6 of 10 seasons he has had a completion percentage below 60%. But a December stat that is eerily similar to 2 of the years they made into the playoffs is as follows:

2007 2011 2016

TD/INT ratio: 7/5 6/6 6/6

QB Rating: 71.2 76.5 76.1

Completion %: 50.6% 53.2% 62.7%

If the Giants are going anywhere in the playoffs it starts with the play of Eli. Many have specifically pointed out that they are not believers in the Giants specifically attributing this to their QB play. They are ignoring his career numbers. Let’s hope that we start seeing the January Eli of 2007 and 2011 season this coming Sunday.

Other note:

Pete in his recent post brought up a very good fact about the offense that you have to question. The Giants are using an offense that they are so good at stopping. Back in 2000 John Fox the DC and Sean Payton each week would meet over dinner. They would scout their opposing units and specifically address how they would game plan. We would love to see McAdoo and Spags do the same.

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