Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Detroit

Written by : Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Here is my preview and prediction:

The Giants did it. They handed the Dallas Cowboys their only 2 losses this season by winning Sunday night. It was far from an offensive showing for both teams. The final was 10-7 Giants. The defense took over this game and won it. They sacked Prescott 3 times and picked him twice. The Giants have the Cowboy faithful thinking that they may want Romo back. Jenoris Jenkins once again did a masterful job on Dez, holding him to 1 catch for 10 yards, and Dez also lost a fumble. Dez was a non-entity in game 1 also.
Eli did not have a good game and has not been playing well. He did spread the ball to 9 different players. Beckham was held pretty much in check. He got out front on a slant and took it 61 yards to the house. This play accounted for one third of Eli’s passing yards. The run game was poor again. The Gmen got 93 yards on the ground with Jennings and Perkins getting 45 yards each. Vereen went out with a concussion after waiting a dozen weeks to return since his last game. Amazingly he is cleared for this week and should play Sunday. The 3rd down efficiency has been a problem this year. The Giants were at 14% this week! Dallas was even worse at 6%, another feather in the Giants D’s cap. Elliott did get 107 yards but he did not score.
Turning to this week’s game, you have very similar teams. Both teams cannot rush the ball. Detroit’s running backs have been decimated by injuries. The Giant’s poor OL just cannot get push off the ball to create running lanes for the backs. Stafford has 8 4th Qtr comebacks because they have trailed in 12 of the 13 games in the 4th quarter. Eli has 5 4th quarter comebacks. Both teams are 9-4. 12 games have been decided by 7 points or less for Detroit and they won 8 of them. 10 games have been decided by 7 points or less for the Giants and they have won 8 of them. So both teams are very identical.
The game plan is very easy for both teams. It is to throw the ball. For the Giants Beckham will have to have his 100+ yard game with at least 1 TD. Slay will be on Beckham. He is much underrated and has been one of the best cover corners in the league this year. They have to get the ball to Sheppard. He has been only getting 3-4 catches a game. It would be nice to see Cruz get back into the mix. He is averaging 2 catches a game. Tye at TE has been inconsistent and no one to count on.
For Detroit, they will also throw. Hopefully for the Giants Stafford’s bad finger in the rain benefits us. Their only previously healthy back, Riddick, may be out today. This will be a big plus for the Gmen, as he is probably the best pass catching back in the league. Stafford will be looking for Tate and Boldin, whose career seems ageless. Yes, like every team in America that plays the Giants they will be looking to get the ball to Ebron, who should be open over the middle. The Giants D who has been playing their best in years with Spags at the helm will have a lot to say about it. Last week they still generated a great pass rush vs the best OL in the league, without JPP. They can do the same today and it will be the difference in the game. The Giants’ secondary has been rock solid.
So when you look at the numbers, this game will be very close. The Gmen have learned how to win these games this year. So I am calling this one Giants 21 and the Lions 19. The other thing that you have to worry about is the Giants’ kicker, Gould, who has been very shaky this year. If the Gmen need him for a game winning field goal, he may miss it. They rarely try field goals over 40-45 yards with him. With the rain turnovers could also affect the outcome. The Giants are in trouble on this stat as they are -5 in turnovers and Detroit is +4.





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